Henrik Svensmark: ‘The Cloud Mystery’

Henrik Svensmark: ‘The Cloud Mystery’

Although Denmark’s top climate scientist, Henrik Svensmark was only a Greenpeace activist’s stone’s throw away from the Climate Summit, he was never invited to address the conference. This world-renowned physicist who works at the National Space Center in Copenhagen, is strictly personna non grata to advocates of the theory of man made global warming. This may seem odd because Svensmark is to cloud science as Albert Einstein was to the Theory of Relativity.

The Copenhagen Summit dust has settled, but none too well for certain international leaders who made fools of themselves. The biggest western politicos had their great green socialist treaty blown away as brutally as the cold wind cleansed the streets of soviet flag waving climate activists. History will one day tell us that this was the moment Professor Svensmark unexpectedly came to the fore. Svensmark is a man with an astonishing theory about the role of clouds in the climate system. It now seems that republicans are looking most interested at this new weapon to finally rout socialist climatologists, an unscientific force, little more than ideological mercenaries who hijacked science and fudged and flummoxed the world in the service of their shabby UN funded paymasters

So what is this audacious new theory? Well, it isn’t so new. Svensmark had proposed his theory as early as 1991 but back then no one was looking at anything other than carbon dioxide (CO2) as a trigger for climate change. This was largely due to the United Nations having set up the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) whose task was to build a case for blaming CO2 as the bad guy for a warm blip that lasted no more than a couple of decades at the end of the 20th Century. In essence, this Danish professor has determined that there exists a mechanism in the sky that operates in the same way as the iris in our eyes to moderate our climate so that unwanted positive feedback from greenhouse gases do not cause a runaway heating effect. Svensmark believes the iris of the sky opens and closes like the membrane of a human eye in reaction to the amount of energy, or light entering it (or the Earth). To Svensmark the planet’s ‘iris’ controls the amount of light (energy) reaching the ‘retina’ (ground) by a mechanism that operates within the clouds. Cloud formations wax and wane like the muscles that cling to the iris in direct measure to the light entering the atmosphere. The clouds thus expand or contract very much like the aperture at the eye’s centre when the ‘pupil’ of the Earth is touched by the light (energy from the sun). The larger the pupil (more blue sky) the more light enters and falls upon the Earth. ‘The Cloud Mystery,’ a documentary explaining in excellent detail Svensmark’s work, first aired on TV2 (Denmark) in early 2008. An unauthorized copy of the documentary then found its way onto YouTube where it has become essential viewing as a primer for debate. In the film Svensmark explains in concise and easy to comprehend terms just how neatly there is a correlation between cosmic ray flux and ocean temperature over the last 40-50 years. Finding correlation between the actual temperature record and their warmist theories is what has undone the UN’s climatologists in the past decade when there has been no further warming despite their predictions.

When theories do fit the observed facts as neatly as the Danish professor’s they are not just astonishing, to scientists they are ‘beautiful.’ Svensmark, in the wake of Climategate, will surely turn the old orthodoxies on their head- as long as he gets a fair hearing. The leaked Climategate emails prove that sceptics like Svensmark have been singled out to be ostracized from the scientific peer-reviewed process so that their ideas are never widely considered. But times are changing. In 2010 the label of ‘denier’ will be switched from this year’s ‘flat-earthers’ (the sceptics) to the religionists who cling to the floundering theory of man made global warming. Just contrast and compare Svensmark’s theory to that of the forces of darkness who huddle in shady corners counting tree rings. Since the Great Scandal broke in November 2009, the world has discovered Michael Mann’s and Keith Briffa’s tree ring data is useless. The proxy data used to fill the gaps where thermometer measurements are not available has been fiddled, cherry-picked and ‘fudged’ to ‘hide the decline.’ By contrast, what Svensmark’s film, ‘The Cloud Mystery’ shows is that the cosmic ray flux that is measured entering our atmosphere precisely tracks the ocean temperature record ( thankfully ‘unfudged’ by the snake oil salesmen).

Like the rest of us Professor Svensmark has been a bystander for too long while a self-serving band of ideologists re-wrote science and history to their own ends. The political establishment went crazy for junk science and used it as a propaganda weapon to win the hearts and minds of tree-huggers and unthinkers in what became known as ‘climate wars.’ But unlike past military conflagrations these very modern wars are fought by elite and highly-specialized forces. The spoils of victory were unimaginable – if the socialists were to win they would have their green light to one world communist government. The task of freedom lovers, nationalists and anti-bureacrats is simple: we must defeat this tyranny for democracy to survive, its as simple as that. In this great war of the new millenium the outcome will be decided not by who has the best tanks, planes or missiles. Slaughtering and killing by well-armed troops slogging across a corpse-strewn battlefield is so Twentieth Century. No, in this tumultuous new age the special forces sent out into epic campaigns are not soldiers, but squads of scientists who manouvre on a virtual battlefield in the blogosphere. The eventual victors will not have shed blood but will have conquered the most hearts and minds.

As the science historian Spencer R. Weart, commented in the Washington Post, this is “a symptom of something entirely new in the history of science.” Before the Danish summit, the ‘watermelons’ ( green on the outside, but very red on the inside) had expected the 193 nations assembling to grasp the nettle and sign a treaty to bring about one world socialist government. In the event no one dared get their hands stung in the wake of Climategate. Thereby the David Rockefeller masterplan for a new world order unravelled quicker than a whistleblower could leak 60MB of data into the blogosphere. At least, the Plan is in haitus for the moment anyway.

All opposing forces will need to re-group and re-strategize after the Battle of Copenhagen. The money-machine that funds the Gaia-loving brigade is gargantuan and a formidable foe and won’t quit so easily. The rich elite have sought this power grab for too long to let the dream wither and die in the cold of Copenhagen. Very big heads will certainly roll for botching that scandanavian venture. Freedom-loving peoples of the world are now being put on full alert to join forces and prepare to repel the next barrage from United Nations power grabbers. But the casualties are mounting. Key losses for the greens since Climategate are Phil Jones of CRU and Michael Mann of Penn State University, perhaps even James Hansen of NASA.These men of great scientific influence are vanquished and no longer credible opponents.They will have to be replaced while they are mired for years in the swamp of litigation and ridicule. But the men who plot in the war room of the Bilderberg Group must not be underestimated. They still ply their best strategic weapon – the mainstream media. But as the world is now realising, the Internet has truly come of age as a force for political change. Tens of millions of hits by bloggers attest to the fact that free-speech and the exchange of ideas are alive and well among users of the World Wide Web. Unless, or until, the political elite shut down or censor the Internet, the world has a resource it can trust.These are essential qualities now gone from the self-serving mainstream media who let objective journalism wither away when they bought into the liberalist agenda.

Much more investment is needed in this area of research rather than being squandered in trying to prop up the discredited man made greenhouse gas theory. The world needs such brilliant scientists like Svensmark now more than ever. We need scientists who will shine the light of reason into the unthinking darkness of green indoctrination. His ideas, although profound, overlap the ideas of other great scientists. Along with Svensmark there are others with great minds. There are those like Richard Lindzen, for example, the famous American atmospheric physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lindzen ostensibly agrees with Svensmark that the Earth may act like an infrared iris that can cause increased sea surface temperature. Lindzen says we should be able to detect this in the tropics where we should see reduced cirrus clouds and thus more infrared radiation leakage from the Earth’s atmosphere.

New to the fight is another scientist unbowed by the trials of the skewed peer-reviewed journals. This fresh innovative mind to join the debate is Qing-Bin Lu, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Waterloo, Ontario. Professor Lu also agrees that carbon dioxide is innocent of all crimes. Lu has found evidence that shows that CFC emissions – compounds once widely used as refrigerants combine with cosmic rays and have a considerable impact on climate change. This is another crucial scientific breakthrough that must be explored before the world even contemplates another summit to contemplate the reckless folly of abandoning capitalism.


Lord Monckton, that famed sceptic and former top scientific adviser to the British government, has been swift to raise these important issues in a briefing with US Republican delegates he met with at Copenhagen. We can only hope that more conservative minds awake to this sea change of theories within the scientific community. It takes scientists to expose other scientists who support the nonsense President Obama has fallen for. It is nothing short of absurd for federal authorities to label carbon dioxide, a benign trace gas and the essential food of plants, as a pollutant when Nature says the opposite. The republican movement must grasp this new nettle and apply common sense reasoning to see what’s required to move world economies out of recession. Pointless green taxes and one world government are the antithesis of what is needed by democratic nations. Neither the United States, nor any forward-looking country needs cap and trade according to Svensmark, Lindzen, Lu and Monckton.

But above all, we must remind ourselves that the science of climatology is still in its infancy. As yet no university even issues first degrees in this field. Clowns like Al Gore (Gaian high priest) will carry on being the frontmen to a mainstream audience. He will come on and do his little party piece, wipe the odd crocodile tear from his lizard eyes and pronounce the earth has a terrible “fever.” The unthinkers in TV land will nod wistfully and with much handwringing mourn with Al at mother Gaia’s suffering. Like all doomsayers Gore picks the limelight over the light of truth and reason. All the while the easily converted are either too busy praying with Al or handing over their wallets to contemplate the burning questions. Questions such as what is mother Earth’s optimum – non-fever temperature? Do we truly need to give up our freedoms and return to the Stone Age? The unthinkers stare at their television screens while the inquistive minds look for the answers on their search engines.

Meanwhile Svensmark offers thinkers real science. His is a truth that must be heard. The time is nigh to find out the truth, throw out the scammers and preserve our way of life. There is not one jot of evidence that proves we need to sell our constitutional rights cheaply to faceless international bureacrats.

Reference: YouTube: ‘The Cloud Mystery’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKoUwttE0BA&NR=1

John O’Sullivan is a legal advocate and writer who for several years has litigated against government corruption in conspiracy cases in both the US and Britain.
Website: http://johnosullivan.livejournal.com/


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