Respected skeptic climate blogger, Donna Laframboise points a very critical finger at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for dispensing with the peer-reviewed science and relying heavily on information it gets from the the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The WWF is an international non-governmental organization working on issues regarding the conservation, research and restoration of the environment, formerly named the World Wildlife Fund.

Donna Laframboise, while acknowledging the important work this charity does to raise awareness of environmental issues, attacks the IPCC, a supposedly scientific gathering body of facts, for taking a large chunk of its ‘evidence’ for global warming from this charity pressure group. Laframboise lambastes the fast-crumbling IPCC for knowing better than to dispense with the peer-reviewed literature and relying instead on political spin from a pressure group.

Laframboise has uncovered something quite startling by digging around on the IPCC’s official website. In the ‘search’ section on their page Laframboise decided to investigate how much influence the WWF has with the world’s leading group of climate investigators. She reveals, “When one types “WWF” into an AR4 search box dozens of references are returned.”

Yes, that’s right, a campaigning environmentalist group has contributed dozens of references to what most people assume to be a scientific body that supposedly bases their conclusions on the world’s best peer-reviewed climate science.

These embarrassing revelations once again will deeply wound an already embattled organisation that is staggering from crisis to crisis almost on a weekly basis. All this comes hot on the heels of the admission by a scientist on the 2007 IPCC Panel that Himalayan glaciers will have melted by 2035.

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Dr Lal, co-ordinating lead author of the report’s chapter on Asia, said: ‘It related to several countries in this region and their water sources. We thought that if we can highlight it, it will impact policy-makers and politicians and encourage them to take some concrete action.”
Lies, deceit and exaggeration are fast becoming the bywords to describe how the IPCC does its business. By our count there appears to be at least 16 documents created or co-authored by the WWF and used in the Nobel-winning IPCC Fourth Report of 2007. As is becoming the norm in this climate calamity, such revelations may be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The 16 WWF sources cited by the IPCC as ‘evidence’ to prove the now discredited theory of man made global warming are as follows:

Allianz and World Wildlife Fund, 2006: Climate change and the financial sector: an agenda for action, 59 pp. [Accessed 03.05.07: filelibrary/pdf/allianz_rep_0605.pdf]
Austin, G., A. Williams, G. Morris, R. Spalding-Feche, and R. Worthington, 2003: Employment potential of renewable energy in South Africa. Earthlife Africa, Johannesburg and World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Denmark, November, 104 pp.
Baker, T., 2005: Vulnerability Assessment of the North-East Atlantic Shelf Marine Ecoregion to Climate Change, Workshop Project Report, WWF, Godalming, Surrey, 79 pp.
Coleman, T., O. Hoegh-Guldberg, D. Karoly, I. Lowe, T. McMichael, C.D. Mitchell, G.I. Pearman, P. Scaife and J. Reynolds, 2004: Climate Change: Solutions for Australia. Australian Climate Group, 35 pp. publications/acg_solutions.pdf
Dlugolecki, A. and S. Lafeld, 2005: Climate change – agenda for action: the financial sector’s perspective. Allianz Group and WWF, Munich [may be the same document as “Allianz” above, except that one is dated 2006 and the other 2005]
Fritsche, U.R., K. Hünecke, A. Hermann, F. Schulze, and K. Wiegmann, 2006: Sustainability standards for bioenergy. Öko-Institut e.V., Darmstadt, WWF Germany, Frankfurt am Main, November
Giannakopoulos, C., M. Bindi, M. Moriondo, P. LeSager and T. Tin, 2005: Climate Change Impacts in the Mediterranean Resulting from a 2oC Global Temperature Rise. WWF report, Gland Switzerland. Accessed 01.10.2006 at
Hansen, L.J., J.L. Biringer and J.R. Hoffmann, 2003: Buying Time: A User’s Manual for Building Resistance and Resilience to Climate Change in Natural Systems. WWF Climate Change Program, Berlin, 246 pp. index.cfm
Lechtenbohmer, S., V. Grimm, D. Mitze, S. Thomas, M. Wissner, 2005: Target 2020: Policies and measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. WWF European Policy Office, Wuppertal
Malcolm, J.R., C. Liu, L. Miller, T. Allnut and L. Hansen, Eds., 2002a: Habitats at Risk: Global Warming and Species Loss in Globally Significant Terrestrial Ecosystems. WWF World Wide Fund for Nature, Gland, 40 pp.
Rowell, A. and P.F. Moore, 2000: Global Review of Forest Fires. WWF/IUCN, Gland, Switzerland, 66 pp. /files/global_review_forest_fires.pdf
WWF, 2004: Deforestation threatens the cradle of reef diversity. World Wide Fund for Nature, 2 December 2004.
WWF, 2004: Living Planet Report 2004. WWF- World Wide Fund for Nature (formerly World Wildlife Fund), Gland, Switzerland, 44 pp.
WWF (World Wildlife Fund), 2005: An overview of glaciers, glacier retreat, and subsequent impacts in Nepal, India and China. World Wildlife Fund, Nepal Programme, 79 pp.
Zarsky, L. and K. Gallagher, 2003: Searching for the Holy Grail? Making FDI Work for Sustainable Development. Analytical Paper, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Switzerland



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