Thanks to fine work by Ken Stewart at his ‘kenskingdom’ blog
http://kenskingdom.wordpress.com/2010/02/05/giss-manipulates-climate-data-in-mackay/ I can report that NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), the American version of the UK’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) is now caught up in its own Climategate-style data fraud. We now bring you ‘Australiagate. ‘ Without any rational or scientific justification GISS has altered records from ground thermometer stations to create a fictitious two-degree warming trend in northeast Australia.

GISS based at Columbia University in New York City, has adjusted over a century’s worth of temperature records from the vast Queensland State to reverse a cooling trend in one ground weather station and increase a warming trend in another to skew the overall data set.

Independent analysis by Aussie blogger, Ken Stewart exposes a deplorable ‘smoking gun’ of cynical manipulation of raw temperature data. Queensland is often nicknamed the ‘Sunshine State’, since it enjoys warm weather and a sizeable portion of the state is in the tropics.

The process of adjusting raw data to create a ‘homogenised’ final global temperature chart is standard practice by climatologists whose work is relied upon by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and world governments. This homogenisation process of temperature data has fallen into disrepute since the Climategate scandal where scientists were proven to have unlawfully used a ‘trick’ to fake climate data and then destroyed their calculations rendering it impossible for independent auditors to examine and justify the methodologies used.
Ken Stewart has his own take on these latest findings from ‘Down Under’,
“Wow- when they adjust, they don’t muck around!”
GISS combines GHCN data from all urban stations at the same below reveals the shocking disparity between ‘raw’ data and the ‘cooked’ GISS data:

Ken proves that GISS ‘homogenised’ older data to make the climate appear cooler a hundred years ago and then ramped up modern data to artificially make recent years appear warmer. Thus climate scientists have artificially created a steep trend line to falsely give an impression of a 2 degrees rise in Australian temperatures over a 100 years period. Ken found that if climatologists had stuck to the raw data the trendline would have been as low as 0.2 degrees per 100 years – thus the overall temperature rise has been magnified by a factor of ten for no apparent reason other than to cause alarm.
Ken explains how he undertook his research,

“I decided to have a look at the temperature records of the weather stations closest to where I live, near Mackay in North Queensland. The Bureau of Meteorology lists 3 current stations: Mackay MO, Mackay Aero, and Te Kowai Exp Station, plus the closed station Mackay Post Office. GISS has a list of nearby stations… Te Kowai is an experimental farm for developing new varieties of sugar cane, run by scientists and technicians since 1889. It has a temperature record of over 100 years with only a couple of gaps. So in fact it’s an ideal rural station for referencing a nearby urban station, as it should have a similar climate. “

Ken found that the “Mackay Sugar Mill Station”was far hotter in the 1920’s and 30’s but GISS ‘disappeared’ this data. However, if we add the warming period back in we find that the warming trend almost disappears to become less then 0.2 degrees per 100 years!
Ken concludes, “ How can GISS justify their manipulation of the data, which they claim not to do?”
Upon closer examination of GISS methodology it appears that accidentally on purpose they used a ‘trick’ whereby they turned “Mackay Sugar Mill Station” into a small town rather than a rural station even though it’s been nothing much more than cane fields for the last 130 years. There are different procedures applied to ‘homogenising’ data between urban and rural weather stations.
I have examined Ken’s findings and can concur with him that there exists inexplicable anomalies that, without exception appear concocted (homogenized) to create a warming trend when no evidence in changes in the local environmental conditions warrants any such manipulation. Moreover, GISS do not publish any explanations of why they chose to make cooler those temperatures in the first 40 years of their sample and then ramp up the temps. for recent years. Absent any explanation from them, we may draw our own conclusions that GISS lowered the older temperature records and raised the temperatures of recent years to create a fictitiously steeper homogenised warming slope to fit a pre-conceived ‘warmist’ agenda.
Ken says this is fraud, “And it’s happening in my own backyard! I’m furious!”
These finding, when compared to those from other independent observers such as acclaimed retired meteorologists, Anthony Watts, on WUWT, shows further attempts by government and government-funded agencies to fraudulent create a man made warming signal in Australia from natural events and data.
Climategate.com has built up a close affinity with Australian skeptics who have worked tirelessly to expose the climate scam still being brainlessly plugged by Aussie Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. Further similar contributions submitted to us for publication are most welcome. We intend to continue to expose such fraud relying on the technical and analytical skills of gifted amateur bloggers to fully expose the greatest scam in the history of science. Our aim is to bring forth criminal and civil proceedings against all those involved.


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