Despite the slick selling of a growing number of ‘green’ British and American companies the ‘eco crop’ and biofuel market has nose-dived leaving food prices rocketing. A new report launched today shows that the much-hyped crop, Jatropha, is yet another failed bio fuel that is crippling eco-farmers and starving the poor.

ScienceDaily (Feb. 16, 2010) warns that time is running out for investors and policy makers to wake up to the growing failure of over-hyped biofuels to meet unnattainable environmental, energy and agricultural goals. The report is published in the journal ‘Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy’ (AEPP).

This so-called “highly ethical and green” investment requires investors to typically buy three packages for prices ranging from £7,500 ($US11, 000) to £15,600 ($US22, 000)

But reports from around the globe are proving that in the real world the propaganda is costing lives as well as wasting resources. In New Zealand Meredith Alexander, head of trade at Actionaid and co-author of its “Meals per Gallon” reports that the future of the once loved bio-fuel, jatropha is doomed,

“Jatropha was the subject of an explosion of fabulous propaganda. But this was an untried crop at commercial levels and the many thousands of marginal farmers who have gone into production have been experimented on with disastrous results. They are simply not getting the income they were promised and now cannot afford food for their families,” she said.
The World Bank has been warming unscrupulous politicians and green advocates for the nearly two years about the myth of this environmental panacea but still supporters cling to the lie. The World Bank quotes Oscar Reyes of the Transnational Institute who warns “The EU’s agrofuel policies are putting additional pressure on global food prices.”

These latest revelations are another slap in the face for the great green lie machine. The New York Times was still typically boasting just a few months ago that eco-manufacturers were set to turn “waste into biofuel for about $1 a gallon.”
The longer our self-serving politicians and mainstream media irresponsibly ignore these facts the more misery and disaster will be heaped upon a restless world population.


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