Global warmists often venomously proclaim that the level of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased about 40% since pre-industrial times, so we are responsible for about 30% of the present concentration.

However, let’s rebut that spuriously posited conclusion by illiciting the help of the best peer-reviewed science as cited by that excellent website, CO2 Science.

Firstly, we need to question where that ‘30%’ number comes from as no one has yet been able to delineate between natural and man-made co2 signals – its guesswork. Carbon dioxide molecules from natural emissions have no trace identifier to seperate them from man made co2 emissions.

Secondly, we ought to point out that current levels of CO2 in the atmosphere have more to do with paleoclimatic impacts from hundreds, if not tens of thousands of years ago, than any contributions humans have made in the recent past.

Clearly the best advice is to read Smagorinsky et al. (1982) and Idso (1982, 1989) who show that the paleoclimatic record proves the change in CO2 concentration actually considerably lags the change in air temperature by at least 800 years.

Meanwhile, independent peer-reviewed papers by other climate scientists, based on reconstructed histories of surface air temperature and atmospheric CO2 concentration from data obtained from a Vostok ice core that covered the prior 420,000 years, had determined that during glacial inception “the CO2 decrease lags the temperature decrease by several thousand years.”

Fischer et al. (1999) found that “the time lag of the rise in CO2 concentrations with respect to temperature change is on the order of 400 to 1000 years during all three glacial-interglacial transitions.” Indermuhle et al. (2000) performed a statistical test on the data that suggested that shifts in the air’s CO2 content lagged shifts in air temperature by approximately 900 years.

Caillon et al. (2003) examined Vostok ice cores and they also concluded “the CO2 increase lagged Antarctic deglacial warming by 800 ± 200 years.” Caillon et al., “confirms that CO2 is not the forcing that initially drives the climatic system during a deglaciation.”

All in all,unless our pro-green pontificators can debunk the above with some robust peer-reviewed science the CO2 warming amplification hypothesis rings mighty hollow.



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  1. Randomness by interest
    Hi there, I found your journal by browsing interest keywords, conspiracy theory and global government. We like minded people need to stick together.
    In regards to this post, you might want to try searching the LARC Nasa server at Langley. They have a ton of information just sitting out there to find. Humans have contributed to this climate change cycle, but not in the conventional ways, through weather manipulation. If you search google/unclesam you are sure to find some very interesting news. Search terms, “wx control”, weather modification, carbon black & wx modification

    if and when you have the time, please read through this entire pdf

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