Dear Friends,

 The situation with is that the owner reluctantly took a tough business decision to pull the plug due to the ever-increasing costs associated with its growth. I know it’s ironic, but success was killing us – the site generated no income yet week-by-week our commitment to running it was spiralling out of control with greater server and maintenance costs and mushrooming time commitments.

 We are deeply disappointed by this outcome but in truth, we were burning ourselves out, neglecting our families and getting no financial remuneration, which is unsustainable in today’s harsh economy.

 As you probably know, everyone working on did so voluntarily and at the outset we anticipated perhaps contributing a few hours a day. However, soon we found ourselves spending 12-14 hours a day, seven days a week feeding the demand. We also hit a ‘wall’ when the owner, out of principle, respected the readerships’ wishes to stop all the ‘pro-green’ advertising we got and that strangled what little income that was coming in so he was increasingly out of pocket. We had tried getting donations from readers but that didn’t fly at all.

 Nonetheless, we are not quitting. I’m carrying on writing and looking for alternative outlets for my articles. The site owner is seeking a buyer for the domain name which he values at $50k-$100k. All we can do is ask concerned skeptic friends to pitch in and help spread the word to locate an investor willing to get the site back up and running. I personally believe could be HUGE – but it requires a serious backer to take it to the next level.

 I hope this explains the craziness of it. But success always seems to come at price.

 Kind regards,



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