Oyster Study Proves Hudson Bay Warmer During Roman Era

Here’s a tasty morsel for those who have an appetite for such things; we find oysters are now upsetting the digestion of global warmists thanks to the revelations of a recent study of the Hudson Bay estuary.

A recent peer-reviewed paper related to the ongoing debate on climate change inspired my ‘Suite 101’ article about significant new findings concerning the historical record of oyster prevalence in the Hudson River estuary. These results add further damning evidence to prove that the global climate was probably far warmer in the Roman and Medieval eras by as much as 6 degrees Fahrenheit.


The study from the Hudson Bay north eastern region of the United States confirms what thermometer records have been showing in the U.S. for over a decade: America is cooling, not warming. In fact, according to the National Climatic Data Center the rate of cooling for the past 12 years has been at the astonishing rate of -6.60°F per century.

Having now established myself as an occasional contributor  on climate matters over at ‘Suite 101’ it may be the opportune time to suggest to readers that they peruse what’s on the menu over there.

Other such articles of mine, due to copyright reasons, are best sourced at Suite 101 where there is a healthy mix of pro-warmist and sceptical viewpoints to stimulate further interests and debate on this hot topic.


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