More Climate Changes in the British Mainstream Press

A conscientious and decent climate sceptic chap, Barry Woods, occasionally emails me little gems from the great British maelstrom of global warming news. This weekend he sent me a clutch of clips from our Sunday rags that neatly summarize the general thrust of opinion among Britain’s newspaper hacks.

Here’s a taster:


’Clouded Judgement:’

"The BBC believes so strongly in man made climate change that it long ago abandoned any pretence of impartiality on the subject…." Sunday Mail: Comment (pg27) (25/04/2010)

 So who’ll stand up to the climate fearmongers?”

"… The Global Warmist fearmongers, whose science is as weak and suspect as that of the ash-cloud fantasists, are wrecking our economy by stealth"

"…Scientists can be wrong, especially when they are in the grip of a fashionable dogma"                                                                                                                              Peter Hitchens, Sunday Mail: Comment (pg29) (25/04/2010)


"I almost felt a twinge of sympathy for the party leaders when a thermomaniac asked how they had reduced their carbon emissions. Nobody dared challenge the premise that climate change is man-made. No one would dare, because the focus groups, with which all parties are obsessed, report back that, despite the lack of conclusive evidence, everybody believes this to be the case. So politicians are damned by their own lack of leadership, and by their determination to buy into the crackpot beliefs of vocal minorities, rather than thinking for themselves and taking a lead." 
Simon Heffer, Sunday Telegraph (25/04/2010)


I agree with Barry on this; Britain’s major journalists (‘major’ as per their readership figures) are at last growing some cahones. This kind of ‘blasphemous’ commentary against the great god of global warming would have resulted in prompt persecution for the offenders in that Dark Ages period before Climategate. You remember that time? It was when hard-bitten eco-fascists made lily-livered journos eat out of their green-stained hands. 


Now such ‘heresy’ appears in mainstream newspaper comments in print editions; no longer confined to that heathen rabble that populate that sullied sewer known as the Internet.


The light of truth is beginning to shine more widely, despite that grotesque ashen cloud from Iceland putting Britain’s over-hyped General Election debates in the shade.


Given the mileage the press got out of Parliamentarian’s expenses, then Climategate has every chance of filling newspapers with juicy ‘corruption’ or ‘gate’ stories for another year and beyond.



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