Mouthy Guardian Columnist Monbiot Apologizes to Climate Skeptic


Humiliated journalist for UK national daily, The Guardian humbly admits misrepresenting the Amazongate scandal. Libel action now averted.


Battered eco-warrior, George Monbiot has made a humiliating climb down under pressure from his employer’s lawyers. It seems the newspaper’s forced retraction over allegations made against respected global warming researcher, Dr. Richard North pre-empted the embarrassing climb-down, reports James Delingpole, Daily Telegraph (July 3, 2010)


Full and Frank Admission


The statement of apology is self-explanatory and reads:


“In criticising Dr Richard North, below, for not having checked whether there was a reference to the claim that up to “40% of the Amazonian forests could react drastically to even a slight reduction in precipitation” in the WWF Report, I was unaware of, and therefore omitted to mention, that Dr North had himself later spotted that there was a reference to the 40% figure in the WWF report. His initial mistake had been corrected on another page  (before the Sunday Times article had been written) and he had added a cross-link to the original page, which I failed to note. Apologies.”


Dr. North had earlier threatened legal action over the "complete fabrication.” North reveals in more detail on his blog, EU Referendum, what was so objectionable about Monbiot’s lies.


Prior History of Gaffes


Mealy-mouthed Monbiot (‘mealy-mouth:’ unwilling to state facts or opinions simply and directly) has become a laughing stock not only among skeptics of the man-made global warming fraud, but also die-hards in his beloved tree-hugging fraternity.


Famously, ‘Moonbat’ chose not to be an apologists for green climate crimes when he agreed with skeptics (climate realists) that disgraced Climategate professor Phil Jones should have resigned at the outbreak of the scandal in November 2009.


Leaked emails proved unlawful conduct by scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) when Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests were disobeyed. A British government investigation conceded  Phil Jones escaped prosecution on a technicality due to the expiration of the short six-month statute of limitations.


Final Result: Delingpole 1-0 Monbiot


Nemesis and intellectual superior, James Delingpole of rival paper the Daily Telegraph characterized his facile foe, “prancing about like Muffin the Mule on angel dust” for his undignified playground antics in misrepresenting a Sunday Times retraction of North’s scoop on ‘Amazongate.’


Monbiot’s retraction in turn puts into context the earlier inexplicable back peddling of the Sunday Times for needlessly withdrawing their own story supportive of North’s take on the Amazongate controversy.


 When the Sunday Times made its bizarre retraction Moonbat ranted:


“Now that the IPCC has been vindicated, its accusers, North first among them, are exposed for peddling inaccuracy, misrepresentation and falsehood. Ashes to ashes, toast to toast.”


Amazongate Story Affirmed by Legal Opinion


As may now be inferred by The Guardian retraction, there were eminently good legal grounds for the Sunday Times not to have apologized over their Amazongate scandal revelations. 

Finally, the big bonus for climate skeptics from these calamitous capers is that Amazongate remains extremely bad news for the IPCC, Monbiot and idiotic international governments still pursuing ill-conceived carbon taxes.


Delingpole, J., ‘Daily Telegraph,’ (website accessed: July 4, 2010).His website is

Dr. North, R., ‘And Now for Amazongate,’ (website accessed: July 4, 2010).





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