Skeptics Demand Live TV Debate in Global Warming Showdown

In response to calls for a media “rapid response” to sort out the climate change row once and for all, skeptic scientists respond with live TV challenge.


Dr John Abraham of St. Thomas University in Minnesota is claiming hundreds of climate scientists are gearing up to fight back against climate change skeptics after the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tanks, claimed that 50% of the more than 100 new Republican members of Congress are climate-change skeptics.


So will skeptics form a science squad to face Abraham and his climate cohort in a public face off? Yes, say one group of experts.


Will Warmists Brave a Hot TV Debate?


A team of international scientists and writers has been quick to accept the challenge lay down by doomsaying Dr Abraham. The authors of a new book Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory,”  to be launched later this month see Abraham’s belligerent call to battle as a challenge too good to let slip.


 They say they Abraham has presented them with the perfect opportunity to make or break trumped up climate claims at a time when international scientific institutes such as Britain’s Royal Society have been exposed for incompetence and/or outright fraud.


Among a long list of highly qualified luminaries willing to face up to the Abraham’s challenge are Drs. Tim Ball, Martin Hertzberg, Claes Johnson and Oliver Manuel. As part of a newly formed association of self-funding scientists prepared to publicly refute the so-called greenhouse effect of global warming they claim they are up for a humdinger of showdown.


Hertzberg referred to Abraham’s claims as “fear mongering hysteria.” While leading skeptic climate researcher, Hans Schreuder dismissed the science Abraham extols as “fallacious when considered in light of real natural processes.”


Alarmism in Full Retreat after Crop of Climate Calamities


Ever since the Climategate scandal (November 2009) a growing worldwide crop of government agencies has refused to disclose their calculations that they say proves man-made global warming. Time after time official temperature records have been “lost” declared not so “official “ after all. Last month, when faced with a court challenge the New Zealand government gave up all pretense of having a bona fide national temperature record rather than be exposed as frauds before a jury.

Now the ‘Slayers’ want to bring the climate controversy to a head with their own counter offer of a live television debate opposite Dr. Abraham and anyone else still willing to stand up and defend the discredited man-made global warming meme.


The ‘Slayers’ group, an international association not linked to any political party or business or financial corporation, typifies the groundswell among scientists in the blogosphere actively prepared to oppose alarmist junk science propaganda.


These ‘greenhouse gas deniers’ recently scored a political and media success (October 27, 2010) with their ‘Climate Fools Day’ event in London at the Houses of Parliament at which they successfully lobbied for parliamentarians to examine their arguments that carbon dioxide (CO2) plays no part whatsoever in changing the climate.


Greenhouse Gas Equations “Falsified”


Pointedly opposing Abraham’s "climate rapid-response team" is Dr Claes Johnson, Professor of Applied Mathematics, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. He has confirmed that equations put forward by NASA and government climatologists have been falsified.


Johnson, a peerless mathematician with a long career with groundbreaking research in computational fluid dynamics painstakingly details, along with his ‘Slayers’ coauthors, how junk science became criminal fraud. The controversial book major claimed by many to be a game-changer in climate science has already caused a stir with a flood of requests for pre-publication orders just at the time when the top tier of leading scientists are no longer prepared to keep silent.

Gleefully Picking Up the Global Warming Gauntlet


Retired chemist and science writer, Hans Schreuder summed up the thrust of the ‘Slayer’s’ argument against Abraham and his collective of climate crass, “There is not one single piece of evidence that supports the notion that carbon dioxide causes warming… the "well established physics" of greenhouse theory must be confined to the dustbin."”

Will the government’s climate doomsayers take on the skeptics’ challenge for a televised debate in a "media rapid response" – we shall soon see.







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