Calling Bob Inglis – If Climatologists Were Doctors They’d Be Quacks

Defeated Republican has blasted GOP right-wing pundits for denying global warming science.  Rep. Bob Inglis (S.C.) threw sour grapes at his fellow party members and elevated junk climate scientists to the status of qualified medical doctors. In the wake of his election failure Inglis whined:


“They slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night, and they’re experts on climate change.”


Irrepressible Inglis had served six terms in the House but lost to a more conservative republican opponent and blames defeat on his belief in climate science and picking the wrong side in this latest battle. Indeed, global warming skeptics now fill most Republican seats in Congress.


 No Consensus on Climate

The bitter ex-Representative is now reduced to pitching the lame ‘most doctors’ analogy suggesting voters must be dumb for voting for climate skeptics. Inglis argues if climatologists were 100 doctors and 98 said the ‘patient’ was sick then it was foolish to listen to the two whose advice was to do nothing (clearly, inferring that 98% of climate experts have diagnosed a ‘sick’ climate).

Sadly, Inglis hasn’t checked the numbers lately. But voters have. They’ve learned that the ‘98% meme is pure myth and doomsaying scientists have been fiddling the figures. The so-called scientific ‘consensus’  is exposed as boiling down to the opinions of only 75 climatologists from over 19,000 of such experts worldwide. While the “evidence” that proves that the sun wasn’t responsible late 20th century warming came from just one expert.


Doctor Analogy is Quackers


Inglis has since repeated his lame ‘doctor’ analogy to become the unexpected darling of climate alarmists.  ThinkProgress first ran  the story.  But even a cursory analysis proves the Inglis analogy doesn’t hold water. Here’s why:


Medical professionals are required to undertake many years of training while most climatologists aren’t even qualified. Indeed, no climate scientist ever passed a basic degree in climatology.


Too many third raters weak in physics and higher math hide themselves in this infant, generalist-filled science; proof of this came from the official Climategate inquiries.


Lord Oxburgh, who chaired the 2010 independent British report into the Climategate scandal found that innumerate, cherry-picking climate scientists hyped up their global warming theory with unsubstantiated "subjective" claims. He officially recommended that skilled statisticians be brought in to hold their hand.


So when we switch the analogy to that of ‘statistician’ rather than ‘doctor’ we see how poorly Inglis has thought this through. Who in their right mind would want one of those charlatans calculating their tax accounts?


But it’s not just the climate doomsayers at CRU who can’t count; alarmists at the Royal Academy were exposed as innumerate, too. They somehow managed to miscalculate the duration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by several orders of magnitude! And so embarrassed was the New Zealand government by the number-crunching calamities of its climate scientists its now abandoned all pretense to possessing a valid climate temperature record. This is so important because the Australian/New Zealand data constitutes the foundation of one quarter of the planet’s climate record.

But let’s get to the real reason why the ‘doctor’ analogy fails: the ‘patient’ isn’t ‘sick’ – not even showing a rising temperature. Professor Phil Jones, head of the world’s pre-eminent climate data handling establishment the UK’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) admits there’s been no statistically significant rise in global temperatures since 1995.


But worse, solar scientists (not to be confused with climate scientists) say soon we may be entering a new ice age. So if Mr. Inglis insists on proffering a medical analogy, the facts suggest he’d be better advised to refer to those discredited climatologists as quacks and the U.N’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as snake oil peddlers.

The embittered former Representative hasn’t kept up with the science. Otherwise he’d know that
the laws of physics ably defeat the global warming theory. What Mr. Inglis ought to do is use all that extra free time the voters gave him and take a good hard look again at the science. Then he’ll learn: “it’s the sun stupid!”









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3 responses to “Calling Bob Inglis – If Climatologists Were Doctors They’d Be Quacks

  1. Anonymous

    Bob Inglis and junk science
    Mr. O’Sullivan, thank you for finally saying it: Bob is a devotee of quacks and a practitioner of that old political “art” of the ad hominem.
    Here’s a funny exchange that occured during the campaign:
    Bob: “Why would you vote for Christina Jeffrey? She’s a loser.”
    Constituent: “You’re going to be a loser in June, Bob.”
    The constituent was a better prognosticator than Bob. The climate was chilly for what he was selling, to wit, global warming, soft spot for Obamacare, amnesty for illegals and cap and tax (forget trade).

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