Puff Daddy Sings for Climate Scientists Tim Ball and Michael Mann

Hip Hop meets Climatology in this bizarre ‘art mirrors life’ twist. A rap classic becomes the anthem in science’s great courtroom battle.


It’s All About the Benjamins,’ a rap song by famous American rapper,  Puff Daddy, depicting sleaze and immorality has become an anthem among global warming skeptics as one of their leading climate scientists faces a critical legal battle defending himself in a costly high profile libel suit.


Dr. Tim Ball, a 72-year-old retired scientist, who only learned about the skit earlier today, could not have imagined that his grassroots supporters would lend this case such irreverent incongruity. But with all the twists and turns in the ongoing climate wars anything is plausible and the words of an urbane and avuncular septuagenarian are now freakishly juxtaposed with misogynist rap lyrics.


Where Penn State University meets State Penitentiary


Skeptic music lovers found their muse in Verse Five, Line 6 of the song where Diddy proclaims, F**k the state pen, f**k hoes at Penn State (c’mon).”


The missive closely mirrors a comment made by Dr. Tim Ball about fellow climatologist, Dr. Michael Mann in a controversial article by Ball published on February 9, 2011. According to the court summons Ball defamed Penn State University professor, Michael Mann with the statement:

"Michael Mann should be in the State Pen not Penn. State.”


The rap song continues, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby, Brawlers — who be dippin in the Benz wit the spoilers, It’s all about the Benjamins baby.”

"Benjamins" is street slang for $100 bills, a reference to Benjamin Franklin’s image on the bills. The song evinces the corruptive desire to live rich and have money. An unkind inference being that Mann’s main motive is to immorally obtain money and fame rather than pursue honest science. ‘It’s All About the Benjamins’ is the fourth single released from the Puff Daddy album No Way Out.


Any Similarity Between Reality and Fiction Just Coincidence


Verse Five of the track was written not by Diddy but by now deceased rapper, Biggie Smalls aka ‘Notorious B.I.G.’ who was killed by an unknown assailant in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles. Thus it is highly improbable there was any intended slur by the rappers on Michael Mann. There are also no suggestions that Mann was in the Los Angeles area at the time or that Dr. Ball is familiar with the Hip Hop music genre let alone this song by Harlem’s talented maestro.


P Diddy, the founder of Bad Boy Records, released the album in June 1998, which ironically is the year Mann got his “rushed” Ph.D from Yale University. Immediately thereafter Mann was recruited by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as Lead Author to write his paper on tree ring proxy data. The IPCC paper contains Mann’s notorious ‘hockey stick’ shaped graph that is purported to show how tree ring proxy data proves that humans cause global warming.


Suspicion of Fraud Won’t Go Away


The hockey stick graph was the most iconic image in the 2001 IPCC Report but was quietly dropped for their 2007 version after the Wegman Congressional Report and independent auditors discovered Mann had based his conclusions on results from just one tree that gave data that conveniently depicted a hockey stick shape.


Climate skeptics have since accused Mann of falsifying his data after Mann refused to release details of his calculations for independent audit.


The Mann-v-Ball libel suit is scheduled to be heard in the Vancouver Supreme Court, British Columbia. Lawyers acting for Ball are upbeat about his chances. A legal fund to help financially pinched Ball with his spiraling fees has been set up. Donations may be made here.










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4 responses to “Puff Daddy Sings for Climate Scientists Tim Ball and Michael Mann

  1. Tim Ball sued first, and lost
    Tim Ball was an 8 year geography prof who analyzed journals kept by Hudson Bay Company traders and factors. He was never a scientist or a science professor.
    Ball’s inflated academic credentials bubble burst Ball sued Climatologist Dan Johnson, and Calgary Hearald Editors, for $325,000, alleging defamation, for publishing the facts of Ball’s career, which are in sharp contrast to claims made by Ball and his supporters.
    Dr. Johnson was represented by McConchie Law Corporation, who are now counsel for Dr. Andrew Weaver and Dr. Mann against Ball. The head of McConchie literaly wrote the book “Libel and Slander Actions in Canada” (Irwin Law books). The responses from McConchie, and from the Calgary Heralds advocates, were so effective and so devastating that Dr. Ball gave up and can no longer find energy companies who feel they get any value from paying him to spout his nonsense.
    Ball apparently can dish it out, but can’t take it when his victims turn the tables on him.
    You apparently haven’t heard that the Wegman Report is now a widely recognized fraud. Wegman and his team literally copied most of the material from the work of real climatologists, without attribution, changed a few words to make the tree ring data look impressive, and changed the conclusions.
    A Canadian Medical Dean recently resigned after a much less significant example of plagiarism, but Wegman’s institution keep stalling about his shameless plagiarism.
    Wegman later pumped up his report for publication in a Scientific Journal, under peculiar circumstances. The journal has since retracted the paper. The extent of Wegman’s plagiarism is beyond question.
    That “Hockey Stick” remains unbroken.
    Have you heard that the observations of Global Warming, based on data since 1995, have reached the 95% confidence level? As late as last year, when it was at the 93% confidence level, “Critics” were still reciting their “there is no detectable Global Warming since 1995” mantra, playing a word game with the fact that the Scientific Standard is a 95% confidence level.
    More years, more warmth, more measurments showing that Global Warming is a real, observed and measured scientific fact.
    Have you seen the Videos of former Global Warming skeptic USA Navy Chief Oceanographer Admiral David Titley, speaking for the public record, in Uniform, identifying himself by Name, Rank, and Assignment, talking about USA Navy plans for operating surface ships in the Arctic when bulk transports will be sailing directly across the pole for 3 months every year?
    Admiral Titley also discussed the USA Navy planning for the impact of a 1 to 2 meter rise in sea level on Navy Shore Installations, Naval shipyards, and coastal oil refineries during the next century.

    • Re: Tim Ball sued first, and lost
      Your cherry-picking of the facts is worthy of that fraudster, Michael Mann. In case you are not aware I am representing Dr. Ball against Dr. Mann. Mann hasn’t yet replied to our damning court papers and as the months tick by it is increasingly clear he isn’t going to. That Mann now hesitates to meet us in court betrays his junk ‘science’ and vindicates Ball’s accusations against him.
      I suggest you now go back and search for the truth which shows that the IPCC has been discredited and is nothing more than a Greenpeace propaganda machine.

  2. 23
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  3. 23

    Слушаешь рэп? Смоки Мо,Триагрутрика & Slovetsky!

    Новая тема – прямая трансляция большого концерта из Санкт-Петербурга на 360(!!!) градусов!

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