Federal Law Defeats Academic Freedom in Global Warming Lawsuit

 Discredited Climategate global warming scientist, Michael Mann, fighting a court order to release his data, suffers new set back. Federal statutes on public access rights and state employment laws trump academic freedom.

Professor Michael Mann, a prominent climatology expert, made a last-minute plea to a Virginia court to bend the rules and help him keep his research data under lock and key. Suspicion grows that the latest concealment attempt is further proof of a conspiracy to hide the misuse of taxpayer grants.

However, as shown below, the astute application of federal statutes on privacy and exposure of the legal fallacy of ‘academic freedom,’ condemn Professor Mann to certain defeat.

If Mann’s hidden data, once exposed, is shown to be flawed it will not only discredit a cornerstone of global warming ‘science’ but will expose Mann to possible criminal charges for fraud over his hyped up man-made global warming claims.

Taxpayer Rights Under VFOIA Upheld by Court Order

Mann became famous worldwide as the creator of the UN’s global warming ‘hockey stick’ graph. He claimed it proves our modern climate is dangerously hotting up due to industrial emissions of carbon dioxide.

The Circuit Court of Prince William County, Va. had ordered on May 24, 2011 that Mann's former employer, the University of Virginia (UVa), must release all such data it holds on Mann within 90 days. In response, Mann has filed a last-minute legal challenge to keep his calculations hidden.

The university had already demanded money up front for the data release and was duly paid $4,000 but still did not provide any documents. Under Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act (VFOIA) the Uva are legally bound to allow the public access to Mann's records.
The court order was granted in favor of three Virginia taxpayers including one state lawmaker and backed by the American Tradition Institute Environmental Law Center (ATI).

Mann’s Lawyers Give Away Sign of Desperation

Mann’s stubborn secrecy is adjudged as ill considered and damaging to his cause raising deep suspicions about the climate scientist's integrity.

There is also a fatal flaw in his latest submission: Mann’s lawyers fail to cite any documented evidence to prove his employment contract exempted him from Virginia's freedom of information laws.

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