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CLIMATEGATE 2 Sensational Email Release: Durban Conference Derailed

The world’s media is recoiling in astonishment at the sudden release of a massive new cache of Climategate emails that are further damning proof of how politics manufactured the man-made global warming agenda.
The emails have been made available once again in a free for all from a Russian server called Mysteriously, the server has since gone offline. However, thousands of bloggers still had time to download and share copies of the new release of a 173MB zip file called "FOIA2011."
Analysts are convinced the release was timed to cause maximum impact on this week's international COP 17 climate summit in Durban. Unless a global greenhouse gas reduction deal is signed at Durban nothing will replace the Kyoto Protocol that expires in 2012. As such international agreement on greenhouse gas reduction targets will be dead in the water.
The notable difference between the 'Climategate1.0' and the new '2.0 version' is that the whistleblower this time has added his/her own personal message which includes the plea, "Today's decisions should be based on all the information we can get, not on hiding the decline" (a cutting reference to doomsayer, Dr. Michael Mann's shabby statistical graph trick).
The Climategate 2.0 data file contains more than 5,000 new emails that make a mockery of five ‘whitewash’ investigations conducted after the first Climategate scandal.
A full taster menu of the sensational revelation can be found at Tallbloke's website and discussion and analysis is already fervently under way on popular skeptic blogs Watts Up With That, Climate Audit, TallBloke and The Air Vent. Also, not to be outdone, Daily Telegraph’s popular skeptic writer, James Delingpole has his own take on the story.
An embarrassed University of East Anglia has issued a swift public announcement refusing to explicitly confirm or deny if the new release is genuine. But a spokesperson conceded, “these emails have the appearance of having been held back after the theft of data and emails in 2009.”
Michael Mann Firmly in the Dock for Data Abuse Fraud 

Many of the new disclosures will cause considerable distress to Dr. Michael Mann but profound joy to Dr. Tim Ball. Mann is currently suing Ball for libel in the Supreme Court of British Columbia after Ball expressed the opinion that Mann belongs in “the state pen, not Penn State.”
Mann is director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University and is currently trying to block a Virginia Court ruling ordering his former employers, the University of Virginia, to release withheld files from their archives to disgruntled taxpayers suspicious of grant fraud.
The following excerpts give just a flavor of the huge headache Mann’s attorney, Roger McConchie, will have in court trying to present his client as a credible and respected researcher.
<4369> Cook:
“I am afraid that Mike [Mann] is defending something that increasingly can not be defended. He is investing too much personal stuff in this and not letting the science move ahead.”
<5055> Cook:
“One problem is that he [Mann] will be using the RegEM method, which provides no better diagnostics (e.g. betas) than his original method. So we will still not know where his estimates are coming from.”
Disgraced British climate professor, Phil Jones is mired as much as Mann for his part in the sleazy cover up.

[on FOI and temperature data]
”Any work we have done in the past is done on the back of the research grants we get – and has to be well hidden. I’ve discussed this with the main funder (US Dept of Energy) in the past and they are happy about not releasing the original station data.”

Mann reacted with his usual characteristic petulance at the release describing it as "truly pathetic.” By contrast, Dr. Ball was elated at the news. Commenting by email Dr. Ball said:
 “These comments are even more damaging than the last. They show the political bias, the control of publications and the fact they were very aware that what they were doing was wrong. I am taking it to my lawyer this morning.”

Mann Confirms New Tranche of Climategate Emails ‘Genuine’

The Air Vent was quick off the mark to run the story this morning and to verify the provenance of the emails. The blog cites a quote from Michael Mann in a leading left-wing, pro- environmentalist daily newspaper, the UK Guardian:
“When asked if they were genuine, he [Mann] said: “Well, they look like mine but I hardly see anything that appears damning at all, despite them having been taken out of context. I guess they had very little left to work with, having culled in the first round the emails that could most easily be taken out of context to try to make me look bad.””
The Guardian story ‘Fresh round of hacked climate science emails leaked online.’ rushes to defend the shamed climate scientists with it's own green spin on the release:
"agents doing the dirty bidding of the fossil fuel industry know they can't contest the fundamental science of human-caused climate change. So they have instead turned to smear, innuendo, criminal hacking of websites, and leaking out-of-context snippets of personal emails in their effort to try to confuse the public about the science and thereby forestall any action to combat this critical threat. Its right out of the tried-and-true playbook of climate change denial."
Only 5.000 emails from the 220.000 or so have made available to be easily read online. The rest are password protected for various reasons unstated by the whistleblower. The anonymous source added, “We are not planning to publicly release the passphrase. We could not read every one, but tried to cover the most relevant topics."

Implications for the Stalled Norfolk Police Investigation 

On the police front the’ boys in blue’ from East Anglia, who have been stumbling along without any apparent progress for two years in their original Climategate investigation, earlier today simply announced that “the new set of emails” are "of interest."
An added bonus to this bumper bonanza is that it also provides an opportunity to compare some of the explanations made by the disgraced so-called ‘hockey team’ players after Climategate 1.0. The ‘hockey team’ reference is from Mann’s so-called ‘hockey stick’ graph that controversially shows unprecedented warming during the last century. The lack of any emails post-dating the 2009 release suggests that the latest cache were obtained at the same time, but held back.
A careful comparison between the ‘hockey player’s’ recent media pronouncements and what they actually state in this new batch of correspondence will put their credibility firmly back under the microscope. But the least we can be sure of is that these new revelations will further derail an already blighted Durban climate conference, according to Chinese sources.

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Damning Skeptic Reply to Naomi Klein’s ‘Capitalism vs. the Climate’

Climate skeptic from the prominent ‘Slayers’ think tank publishes a forceful rebuttal to Naomi Klein's ‘Capitalism vs. the Climate’ to expose the intellectual dishonesty of dystopian environmentalism.
Dr. Martin Hertzberg, a retired former U.S. Navy meteorologist and respected climate analyst writes, “I submitted my letter to the editor of the Nation Magazine in response to Naomi Klein's latest article there.”But Martin concedes, “there is little or no chance that it will be published by the Nation.”
So in the interests of balance in this debate I publish Dr. Hertzberg’s reply below in full. Also, a very detailed critique of the Klein article can be found at
Joanne Nova's web site.
Leading Australian skeptic, Nova, was also damning in her condemnation of Klein’s piece describing it as “all color and style, and nothing of consequence — the lights are on and no brain is home. “
But here’s Dr. Hertzberg’s take on it:

A Skeptic’s Reply to Naomi Klein's "Capitalism vs. the Climate"
What Naomi Klein fails to understand in her "Capitalism vs. the Climate" article is that weather and climate are controlled by the laws of Physics and Chemistry on a macroscopic scale. They engender forces and motions that are beyond human control, and the scrawny human constructs of Capitalism, or Communism, or Fascism, or Socialism have absolutely no role in weather or climate.

Weather and Climate existed long before humans appeared on Earth and they will exist in the same way long after we disappear either individually or collectively as the human race. What should have been an objective evaluation of climatological data, and a respectful scientific dialogue on whether or not CO2 and other "greenhouse gases" are causing global warming or climate change, has unfortunately degenerated into a partisan political harangue.
While right wing reactionaries like Limbaugh and the Koch brother's "think tanks" are partly responsible for that degeneration, some of the blame is shared by the Gore-Hansen-IPCC clique of fear mongers, environmental lobbyists, and progressive Democrats. Klein's article is only the latest example of that degeneration.
 She simply swallows the dogma that the "consensus" of the self proclaimed "climate scientists" who are motivated by the noblest of motives, is correct. Thus, the thousands of knowledgeable meteorologists and climatologists throughout the world who disagree with that phony consensus are wrong and motivated by money given to them by the fossil fuel industry. Thus, she claims that the "scientific theories presented here (the latest Heartland Conference) are old and long discredited" even though she knows absolutely nothing about those theories. She claims that we have just experienced "the end of the hottest decade in recorded history": a statement that reveals her ignorance of the Medieval Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period, the Holocene, and the five Interglacial Warming episodes that preceded them during the last 450,000 years. Those periods were all considerably warmer than today in the absence of any significant human CO2 emission.
 The underdeveloped world will have to depend on the use of fossil fuels to improve their standard of living just as the developed nations have. Draconian measures of "carbon control" to address the non-existent problem of "global warming / climate change" will significantly impede their development just as the fiscal draconian measures imposed on them by the IMF and the World Bank did.
The overwhelming weight of scientific and cultural evidence shows clearly that the theory that human emission of CO2 and greenhouse gases is causing "global warming/climate change" is one of the greatest frauds in the history of science. Klein's fact-deficient political harangue is thus totally out of touch with reality.
Dr. Martin Hertzberg, coauthor of

"Slaying  the Sky Dragon –
Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory"
Stairway Press (2011).
Copper Mountain, CO


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Uncanny Parallels Connect the Jerry Sandusky & Michael Mann Cover Ups

Disgraced Penn State University is mired deeper in scandal as eerie parallels are drawn with their cover up of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal and their apparent whitewash investigation of climate professor, Michael Mann.


After a week when the Attorney General brands Penn State’s former in house attorney a liar and two university officials are indicted on cover up crimes, calls are being made for the re-opening of the university’s investigation that cleared global warming doomsayer, Dr. Michael Mann of any misconduct in the Climategate scandal.


For those who don’t remember, Professor Mann was both the UN’s and Penn State’s academic golden boy of climate science bringing glory and financial reward to them just as famously as Jerry Sandusky did with the football team. In each scandal Penn State president, Graham Spanier appeared on the horizon, each time Spanier took the accused men under his protective wing and defended them to the hilt.


Sandusky’s child sex story rightly shocked America, but anyone who examines the correlation between the Mann and Sandusky cases will feel a similar unnerving sense of disquiet.


Mann, the author of the discredited “hockey-stick” graph, provided the junk science that allowed the UN and global warming policymakers to claim a rapid, recent rise in the Earth’s temperature magically making the Medieval Warm Period disappear. Last year Penn State President, Graham Spanier outrageously cleared Mann of fraudulently cherry picking tree-ring proxy temperature data despite compelling evidence he was guilty.


At the time Spanier lied to the Board of Trustees when he claimed Penn State had ”spent hundreds of hours studying documents and interviewing people and looking at issues from all sides.”


An increasing number of scientists are now clamoring that this very same disgraced Penn State administration should be investigated for also covering up Michael Mann’s raping of climate data in their Environmental Science department. One such angry scientist is former NASA man, Dr. Pierre Latour. He bemoans:


Two incompetent whitewash investigations by Penn State (Mann & Sandusky) is perfectly valid evidence to support my inference Penn State is corrupt.”


Another disgruntled scientist is retired former U.S. Navy meteorologist, Dr Martin Hertzberg who adds:


The University seems to have a proclivity for morphing its "investigations" into "whitewashes" that serve the interests or reputation of the University above all else.”


Shockingly, Spanier permitted no witnesses to be called to oppose Mann and no adverse evidence was considered, in breach of the applicable Penn State policy. Now juxtapose that malfeasance with Spanier’s role in the Sandusky cover up for which he lost his job.


Glaring Similarities Between Sandusky Cover Up and Mann Whitewash


Sandusky is charged with sexually assaulting eight boys over 15 years and perjury charges are also filed against Tim Curley, Penn State's athletic director, and Gary Schultz, vice president for finance and business. Like others, I am convinced Mann should also be facing criminal charges.


Climategate analyst, Steve McIntyre feels the same; he has all the details on his Climate Audit website exposing the telling similarities between the Sandusky cover up and the climate data fraud of Michael ‘Hide the Decline’ Mann.


McIntyre asserts that Spanier’s investigation never required Mann to show the hidden calculations that skeptics say are faked. But when cleared by Spanier last year, Mann then filed a libel suit against Canadian climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball, for publishing an opinion piece stating that Mann more properly belongs in the ‘state pen, not Penn State.’


McIntyre and other analysts say Dr. Ball was correct and the evidence of manipulation of data is too obvious and too strong.

Failure to Carry Out a Proper Investigation

Myron Ebell, Director of Energy and Global Warming Policy for the Competitive Enterprise Institute is another voice proclaiming that the Mann case, like Sandusky’s was designed as a whitewash,” adding, “To admit that Dr. Mann is a conman now would be extremely embarrassing for Penn State. But the scandal will not be contained no matter how many whitewash reports are issued.”


Cynically, Mann has been allowed by his university employers to keep the key metadata for his graph hidden under lock and key for over 13 years. He is set to plead the Fifth Amendment if a judge orders him to reveal it, in an ongoing courtroom investigation in Virginia.


Likewise, Sandusky also had his crimes covered up since 1998. Now Mann is working to block his former employer, the University of Virginia (UVa) from complying with a court order to release Mann’s hidden data to the Commonwealth’s Attorney General. I’ve no doubt that once prosecutors are permitted to examine that evidence which Spanier helped to hide Mann will be indicted on fraud charges.

Case Similarities Point to Systemic Cover Up

As I have said in previous articles, Mann was never exonerated because the charges against him were never investigated. In both the Mann and Sandusky controversies the following points about Spanier’s stewardship are equally valid:


1. Both the Sandusky and Mann cover-ups involved a poorly executed investigation.


2. Both investigations saw the president making untrue statements.


3. Both involve an ethos that successful men can do no wrong; and the more famous and powerful they are, the more immune they are from scrutiny.


4. Both demonstrate a strong inclination to circle the wagons and seemingly show no interest in truth or justice.


5. Both involve extensive evidence going back years from a number of different sources and involving a variety of issues which should have raised red flags.


6. Spanier’s ‘investigations’ never interviewed witnesses against Mann or Sandusky

    Not only are two senior Penn State officials now facing serious jail time, grave questions are also being asked about the possible misconduct of Penn State's former appointed legal counsel, Mr. Wendell Courtney, Esq who denies any knowledge of the cover up.


    Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Linda Kelly appears to have already damned the character of Courtney. Nils Frederiksen, speaking for the Attorney General, suggests Courtney lied. Frederkisen commented:


    It’s clear from the findings of the grand jury that Mr. Courtney had direct dealings with both Penn State and The Second Mile and he had knowledge and was aware of the 1998 [child sex abuse] incident.”


    I suspect shamed attorney, Courtney is as deeply mired in Mann’s cover up is he is in Sandusky’s.



    Too Big to Fail Mentality Pervades Penn State


    In America football programs in general are so powerful that they are beyond the control of the administrations. Likewise, climate research is so lucrative to some universities that academics, like football programs, are vulnerable to corrupting influences. There is a prevalent mindset that these people are “Too Big To Fail” such that large institutions all too easily tend to become a law unto themselves.


    To show just how the money motive is king just compare these two Penn State quotes. First quote justifying the university’s clearing Michael Mann:


    [Mann’s] success in proposing research, and obtaining funding to conduct it, clearly places Dr. Mann among the most respected scientists in his field.…

    Had Dr. Mann’s conduct of his research been outside the range of accepted practices, it would have been impossible for him to receive so many awards and recognitions…This would have been impossible had his activities in reporting his work been outside of accepted practices in his field."

    Then this second quote excusing Sandusky:


    This level of success on the football field and revenue generated from it, clearly places Coaches Paterno and Sandusky among the most respected professionals in their field. Such success would not have been possible had he not met or exceeded the highest standards of their profession in operating a football program…

    Had Coach Paterno or Coach Sandusky’s conduct of their program been outside the range of accepted practices, it would have been impossible for them to receive so many awards and recognitions, which typically involve intense scrutiny from peers who may or may not agree with his program …


    Both the above quotes are spooky in their similarity of reasoning; they imply no thought, no integrity, no need to investigate. In effect all’s well as long as the money keeps comes in. We saw the same moral disease infect the thinking of bankers and that lead to the collapse of Wall Street for which the whole of America is now paying a hefty price.


    Of itself, none of this represents evidence against Mann per se, but it does present an excellent argument that the Mann inquiry needs to be revisited. A Big Government institution has been caught out running roughshod over the rights of the public for their own profit and glory.


    Spanier’s immoral regime will disgust many people with a modicum of ethics. Moral standards need to be rebuilt but that can only happen after all the bad apples have been removed. So to that end, whistle-blowers are now wanted because Mann’s misdeeds must be punished because his cover up is no less of a perversion than what took place in the football locker room.


    I make this plea to any Penn. State colleagues of Michael Mann: if you have any information that you believe may prove useful in an investigation please contact me at my address below; you have my complete assurance that your identity will be kept completely anonymous.


    John O’Sullivan:



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    Canada Bar Association Rules ‘No Misconduct’ by Tim Ball’s Legal Team

    The Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC) has now ruled that green activist Andrew Skolnick’s official complaint concerning Dr. Tim Ball’s libel attorney, Michael Scherr and science writer, John O’Sullivan, was baseless.

    Andrew Skolnick had filed the complaint against Dr. Ball’s legal team as part of a coordinated attack stage managed by lawyer Roger McConchie, representing disgraced climatologist, Michael Mann.

    Specifically, the LSBC has affirmed there is no evidence to support Skolnick’s malicious allegation that anyone “knowingly asserted something for which there is no reasonable basis in evidence.”

    The bungled attempt sought to muddy the waters in the ongoing Dr. Michael Mann-v-Dr. Tim Ball libel case now before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada. I am delighted that the matter has finally been cleared up and that Mr. Skolnick’s gambit to derail my relationship with Dr. Ball has failed. I can now move forward in earnest free to expose those who act to support grotesque climate fraud. The LSBC finding vindicates what I have always publicly stated about myself in my website biography on Suite101.

    Since May 2011, when Mr. Skolnick first learned that Dr. Ball engaged me, he has sought to make capital out of our ‘professional relationship’ by imputing that I falsely asserted my standing was that of a fully licensed attorney. I have repeatedly denied those allegations and challenged Mr. Skolnick to provide evidence such as weblinks to statements I've made to back his bogus claims.

    I have been explicit several times, on various websites about my qualifications and experience. In answer to those who have asked me, I have repeatedly advised that I hold both a law degree and a bachelors’ arts degree. After graduation I attended teacher-training college in Sussex, England where I obtained my Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). As such for 20 years I taught at various institutions in the UK including Nene College, University of Northampton and high schools in the East of England.

    I have also engaged in litigation over a 13-year period in the New York Court system, either on my own behalf, pro se, and/or as de facto in house attorney alongside licensed attorneys. Under New York’s rules of civil procedure (CPLR) with the qualifications I possess, I am fully entitled to engage in such professional legal services.

    It is certainly true that I have acted as a paid consultant to Dr Tim Ball on matters related to his libel suits in Canada. Dr. Ball paid me for this work via the offices of Michael Scherr, Ball’s libel attorney at Pearlman Lindholm, Vancouver, British Columbia.

    However, since August 2011 I have not been paid for my services due to a new strategy agreed between Mr. Scherr, Dr. Ball and myself. This, we believe, ensures the best possible outcome for Dr. Ball in his legal battle against Dr. Michael Mann as well as the separate lawsuit he defends against Dr. Andrew Weaver.

    Moreover, so confident am I in the merits of Dr. Ball’s legal arguments and the abilities of Michael Scherr to represent him, that I have formally offered to be held wholly liable to Dr. Ball (a 'hold harmless' indemnity) for certain matters concerning my conduct in the event the B.C. Supreme Court rules I have acted unlawfully.

    Skolnick has further sought to tarnish my reputation by claiming that my dismissal from my employment as science writer with Suite101 is due to misrepresentation of my credentials; this is another lie.

    Suite101 have now admitted that they dismissed me (I argue, unjustly) from my employment solely due to matters connected to my publication of controversial new evidence from JAXA’s IBUKI satellite.

    Pro-green co-writers at Suite101 appear to have lobbied for my dismissal as they took exception to my revelations that discredit UN man-made global warming claims.

    My JAXA article shows there is no scientific basis for western policymakers to impose ‘polluter pays’ carbon taxes on their citizens because the JAXA data proves there are far fewer carbon emissions from industrialized western nations than undeveloped Equatorial regions. Dr. Ball has now published a compelling article adding weight to my story.

    As the evidence grows that Mr. Skolnick has no basis in fact for slurring my reputation I shall now be considering my options for a libel suit against him. I conclude with this plea: please punish the fakers and fraudsters and either donate to Dr. Ball's legal fund or help to publicize Skolnick’s, Mann’s and co.'s cynical misuse of the legal system. The slur tactics of global warming fraudsters cannot be allowed to obfuscate the facts.

    John O’Sullivan LLB, BA (Hons), PGCE

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