Canada Bar Association Rules ‘No Misconduct’ by Tim Ball’s Legal Team

The Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC) has now ruled that green activist Andrew Skolnick’s official complaint concerning Dr. Tim Ball’s libel attorney, Michael Scherr and science writer, John O’Sullivan, was baseless.

Andrew Skolnick had filed the complaint against Dr. Ball’s legal team as part of a coordinated attack stage managed by lawyer Roger McConchie, representing disgraced climatologist, Michael Mann.

Specifically, the LSBC has affirmed there is no evidence to support Skolnick’s malicious allegation that anyone “knowingly asserted something for which there is no reasonable basis in evidence.”

The bungled attempt sought to muddy the waters in the ongoing Dr. Michael Mann-v-Dr. Tim Ball libel case now before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada. I am delighted that the matter has finally been cleared up and that Mr. Skolnick’s gambit to derail my relationship with Dr. Ball has failed. I can now move forward in earnest free to expose those who act to support grotesque climate fraud. The LSBC finding vindicates what I have always publicly stated about myself in my website biography on Suite101.

Since May 2011, when Mr. Skolnick first learned that Dr. Ball engaged me, he has sought to make capital out of our ‘professional relationship’ by imputing that I falsely asserted my standing was that of a fully licensed attorney. I have repeatedly denied those allegations and challenged Mr. Skolnick to provide evidence such as weblinks to statements I've made to back his bogus claims.

I have been explicit several times, on various websites about my qualifications and experience. In answer to those who have asked me, I have repeatedly advised that I hold both a law degree and a bachelors’ arts degree. After graduation I attended teacher-training college in Sussex, England where I obtained my Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). As such for 20 years I taught at various institutions in the UK including Nene College, University of Northampton and high schools in the East of England.

I have also engaged in litigation over a 13-year period in the New York Court system, either on my own behalf, pro se, and/or as de facto in house attorney alongside licensed attorneys. Under New York’s rules of civil procedure (CPLR) with the qualifications I possess, I am fully entitled to engage in such professional legal services.

It is certainly true that I have acted as a paid consultant to Dr Tim Ball on matters related to his libel suits in Canada. Dr. Ball paid me for this work via the offices of Michael Scherr, Ball’s libel attorney at Pearlman Lindholm, Vancouver, British Columbia.

However, since August 2011 I have not been paid for my services due to a new strategy agreed between Mr. Scherr, Dr. Ball and myself. This, we believe, ensures the best possible outcome for Dr. Ball in his legal battle against Dr. Michael Mann as well as the separate lawsuit he defends against Dr. Andrew Weaver.

Moreover, so confident am I in the merits of Dr. Ball’s legal arguments and the abilities of Michael Scherr to represent him, that I have formally offered to be held wholly liable to Dr. Ball (a 'hold harmless' indemnity) for certain matters concerning my conduct in the event the B.C. Supreme Court rules I have acted unlawfully.

Skolnick has further sought to tarnish my reputation by claiming that my dismissal from my employment as science writer with Suite101 is due to misrepresentation of my credentials; this is another lie.

Suite101 have now admitted that they dismissed me (I argue, unjustly) from my employment solely due to matters connected to my publication of controversial new evidence from JAXA’s IBUKI satellite.

Pro-green co-writers at Suite101 appear to have lobbied for my dismissal as they took exception to my revelations that discredit UN man-made global warming claims.

My JAXA article shows there is no scientific basis for western policymakers to impose ‘polluter pays’ carbon taxes on their citizens because the JAXA data proves there are far fewer carbon emissions from industrialized western nations than undeveloped Equatorial regions. Dr. Ball has now published a compelling article adding weight to my story.

As the evidence grows that Mr. Skolnick has no basis in fact for slurring my reputation I shall now be considering my options for a libel suit against him. I conclude with this plea: please punish the fakers and fraudsters and either donate to Dr. Ball's legal fund or help to publicize Skolnick’s, Mann’s and co.'s cynical misuse of the legal system. The slur tactics of global warming fraudsters cannot be allowed to obfuscate the facts.

John O’Sullivan LLB, BA (Hons), PGCE


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