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The Insanity that Links Global Warming, the Monetary Crisis & Politics


Trillion-dollar U.S. class action lawsuit is launched to pursue a corrupt elite that manipulated crooked politicians to cheat the world about global warming and the international financial crisis.

As a rule I avoid the quagmire of open political commentary. But in this incredible instance I do believe it's time to join the dots about topical matters that fundamentally shape government policy. To that end please focus your attention on the world's largest class action lawsuit now underway in the U.S. which is exposing a $26 trillion fraud being perpetrated against us by a financial elite.

Backing the lawsuit are Congressmen Alan Grayson and Ron Paul. Up until now, the only mainstream media outlet that has dared to report on this case is the Courthouse News Service.

The evidence now gathered lends greater credence to the analysis of Canadian climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball and others who argue that faux climate science, a propagandised education system and compliant mainstream media have been the sock puppets of this corrupt elite.

Heroic Stand by U.S. Congressmen Gives Impetus to Lawsuit

Congressmen Grayson and Paul are leading the fight to expose the shocking truth that the U.S. Federal Reserve’s secret bail outs in “broad-based emergency programs” was $16,115,000,000,000. That’s right, more than $16 trillion and not the $800 billion publicized in TARP Bailout bill.

 To put that into context $16 trillion equates to $140,000 for every household in the U.S. and is greater than the entire debt racked up by the United States in its 235-year history. Thanks to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders this reliable figure was first published on the morning of July 21, 2011. 

Corrupt Fed Reserve Plays Gamekeeper and Poacher

 The four largest recipients, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, received more than a trillion dollars each. Virtually none of the money has been returned — and all loaned out at zero percent interest.

In addition, Congressman Grayson pointed out that the Federal Reserve also owns the financial agencies they are supposed to be regulating the bail out loans. On December 13th, 2011 economist L. Randall Wray, found the most up to date actual bail out figure – it is a whopping 29 Trillion dollars.

 Incredibly, just four financial institutions have gambled 600 trillion dollars’ worth of money they don’t even have – so this bailout was still not even close to being enough to protect them. The world's gross domestic product (GDP) is only about $65 trillion.

 Self-serving Elite Own and Manipulate Education System and Media

The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest professional organization and largest labor union in the United States, representing public school teachers and other support personnel, faculty and staffers at colleges and universities, retired educators, and college students preparing to become teachers. The NEA has 3.2 million members. The Federal Reserve created the National Education Association via the Rockefeller family.

 The NEA has pursued a policy to radically bend the traditionalist education system toward a new system that favored standardized testing over critical thinking, toward “scientific management” in schools. The NEA has long stymied the teaching of any science skeptical of the global warming narrative.

This was part of a calculated plan to make the schooling system benefit corporate America, at the expense of the American school child. Powerful foundations with private interests, such as the Ford Foundation, continue to support, and thereby influence the policy of, the NEA to this day.

 Population Control by Way of Carbon Taxation

Additionally, an unprecedented U.S. Congressional investigation into tax-exempt foundations identified the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations engagement in an agenda for vast population control.

 In a Malthusian nightmare scenario climate science has become the chosen vehicle given to the mainstream media to persuade us that our planet is dangerously warming due to carbon emissions. Climate taxes are seen as the “solution” to curb humanity’s profligacy, promote de-population and “save the planet.”

 A 30-year, $100 billion climate science research Ponzi scheme was set up to concoct the junk science that gave us seemingly plausible predictions of impending climate catastrophes – all easily fixed once you’ve handed over more tax dollars.

Norman Dodd, Research Director for the Congressional Committee, found this statement in the archives of the Carnegie endowment that proves how we were all to be brainwashed into consenting to dystopia:

“The only way to maintain control of the population was to obtain control of education in the U.S. They realized this was a prodigious task… [so] the portion of education which could be considered as domestically oriented [was] taken over by the Rockefeller Foundation and that portion which was oriented to International matters [was] taken over by the Carnegie Endowment.”

We need to support those honorable politicians who are bravely standing up for the oppressed “99 Percent.” These few U.S. congressmen are certainly not doing it for the money. For a more in depth examination see here


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That Bogus Greenhouse Gas Whatchamacallit Effect

Red-faced global warming policymakers are now back tracking as independent experts increasingly discredit the cornerstone of climatology: the greenhouse gas effect (GHE).


One such whistleblower is Dr. Pierre R Latour who below adroitly explains how his NASA colleague, septuagenarian Dr. James Hansen, concocted a mythical 33 degree Centigrade atmospheric greenhouse gas global warming phenomenon.


NASA's global warming guru, Dr. James Hansen, will go down in history as climate science's Bernie Madoff for his pivotal role in touting the scary GHE hypothesis. This is no imprudent comparison – just “follow the money” as they say. It was Hansen’s now legendary doomsaying pronouncements to the U.S. Congress in 1981 that spawned a hundred billion dollar, 30-year government Ponzi scheme (Madoff scammed ‘only’ $50 billion).


None who sat on that congressional committee appear to have been aware that in 1951 the American Meteorological Society (AMS) had already condemned the GHE to the trashcan of failed theories.


Over 70 Percent Increase in CO2 Yet No 'Catastrophic' Warming


Now retired, former DuPont and NASA Chemical Engineer, Latour is unconstrained in his opinion,” The 33C are whatchamacallits. This greenhouse gas effect does not exist.”


Dr. Latour is one of many experts old enough to remember that in 1981 James Hansen stated the average thermal T (temperature) at Earth’s surface is 15C (ok) and Earth radiates to space at -18C (ok). From that he declared the difference 15 – (-18) = 33C (arithmetic ok) to be the famous greenhouse gas effect.


This is not ‘ok’ to more astute analysts critical of Hansen’s number fudging. They say Hansen’s math is very seriously awry because there is no physics to connect these two dissimilar numbers.


But worse, even more humiliating for Hansen is the fact that carbon dioxide emissions since 1981 when Hansen wrote his paper, have grown from 19 thousand Million metric tonnes to  33 thousand million metric tonnes today (2010 figure). Yet global temperatures have remained flat throughout this century.


Latour recounts his altogether more conventional if less alarmist explanation for what is actually happening with our climate. Apologies to those of you not of a scientific or engineer disposition but hereon in is where we need to get somewhat technical.


The professional engineer registered in Texas and California and from Houston clarifies, “Thermal T is a point property of matter, a scalar measure of its kinetic energy of atomic and molecular motion. It’s what thermometers measure and it decreases with altitude. The rate of thermal energy transfer by conduction or convection between hot Th and cold Tc is proportional to (Th – Tc).”


Dr. Latour then explains that radiation t is a point property of massless radiation, EMR, a directional vector measure of its energy transmission rate per area or intensity, w/m2, according to the Stefan-Boltzmann law. It is measured by pyrometers and spectrometers.


False Atmospheric Heating Assumptions of Climate Scientists


Solar radiation t increases with altitude. Black bodies are defined to be those that absorb and radiate with the same intensity and corresponding t. Real, colorful bodies reflect, scatter, absorb, convert and emit radiant energy according to the nature of the incident radiation direction, spectrum and body matter reflectivity, absorptivity, emissivity and view factors. The rate of EMR energy transfer from a hot body, th, is Q, w = 5.67Ae(th + 273)4. But it may not be absorbed by all bodies that intercept it, as GHG theory assumes. In particular, hotter radiating bodies do not absorb colder radiation and reemit it more intensely, as GHG back-radiation theory assumes.


The Houston engineer reminds us that above Earth’s stratosphere, thin air T is rather cold, about -80C. Yet solar radiation t is rather hot, about 120C. So spacesuits have thermal insulation and radiant reflection. He points out, “The difference, 200C, is meaningless. On a cold, clear, winter day on snowcapped mountains, dry air T = -10C and radiation t = 50C. I can feel them both.”


Where the Difference Between ‘T’ and ‘t’ was Missed


Much of GHE theory fails to make clear distinctions between these two different kinds of temperature, T and t. One temperature, t, is analogous to velocity, 34 km/hour north; the other, T, is analogous to density, 1 kg/liter.


So 34 km/hour – 1 kg/liter is indeed 33 whatchamacallits by arithmetic, but nobody will ever know what a whatchamacallit is because velocity and density are not connected by nature,” bemoans Dr. Latour.


He further explains, “To clarify this enormous intellectual flaw, take boiling point of water is 100C (true) and freezing point is 32F (true), subtract 100 – 32 = 68 (correct arithmetic) and declare atmospheric pressure is 68 psia. The declaration is false because a) the difference between C and F has no meaning, b) there is no physics to connect 68 to pressure, psia, and c) atmospheric pressure is actually 14.7 psia.”


Thus we can see that the 33C greenhouse gas effect that has everybody so upset and is researched ad nausea to death is not an effect, merely an easily explained pair of facts.


Therefore, it is quite true the 33C greenhouse gas effect defined by Dr. Hansen in 1981 as thermal T = 15C at surface minus radiant t = -18C to space is whatchamacallit nonsense,” according to Dr. Latour.


How Greenhouse Gas Theorists Compare Apples to Eggs


Latour assures us that since this is irrefutable logic, no experiment is called for. In other words, everybody knows you can’t compare apples to eggs; except, that is, unless you’re a Greenhouse Gas theorist like Hansen.


The sage Texan advises, “Logic trumps nonsense; that is why humans invented it around 400 B.C. No one needs to prove or disprove the existence of whatchamacallits. They are not even imaginary. There is no greenhouse in the sky.”


Planetary atmospheres reflect, scatter, transmit, absorb, emit and diminish stellar radiation intensity at the surface according to Beer-Lambert Law, 121C incident to Earth’s stratosphere to 15C at surface. Thermal T of atmospheres increase as gravity compresses gas and converts potential energy to kinetic energy closer to the surface from -80C in the stratosphere to 14.5C at the ground. Therefore atmospheres cause the surface to be colder than it would be if the atmosphere were thinner or non-existent. The more O2 (oxygen) is exchanged for higher heat capacity CO2 (carbon dioxide), the colder the surface radiation intensity temperature. Atmospheres are refrigerators, not blankets.


Dr. Latour continues, “GHG theory postulates back-radiation from cold atmospheric CO2 is absorbed by the surface, heating it more.” He is in agreement with the ‘Slayers’ group of skeptics who says that violates Second Law of thermodynamics (energy can only be transferred from hot to cold bodies).


Hansen’s hokum led climate science to ‘create’ additional GHE energy, a violation of the First Law of thermodynamics (energy conservation). Latour now joins experts, astrophysicist, Joe Postma, Dr. Matthias Kleepsies and Professor Nasif Nahle in vociferously declaring that the infant science of climatology has spawned an impossible perpetual motion machine; a device that man-made global warming promoters have exploited to promote the nonsense of eternal global warming. Together these highly credentialed specialists from diverse fields, collectively referred to as the ‘Slayers’, are building a compelling body of evidence.


Seven Fine Facts Frustrate Hansen’s Folly


Latour reminds us “CO2 does not trap radiation; like all molecules, it absorbs some incident radiation according to its absorption spectrum and promptly emits it according to its emission spectrum. Moreover, CO2 is not a pollutant; it is inert green plant food. CO2 should not be curtailed, starving Earth’s flora.


As independent science professors are proving, minor solar driven global warming from 1974 to 1998 has stabilized this century. CO2 has nothing to do with global warming; it actually cools Earth. Arctic ice does not melt because of global warming, increasing T; it melts when the average T > 0, at rate proportional to T, no matter whether T is increasing or decreasing.”


Dr. Latour will be causing quite a stir among government climatologists with his essay of seven scientific facts (33C whatchamacallit, no blanket, no back-radiation, CO2 no trap, CO2 inert food, no AGW, ice melts).


Each of Pierre Latour’s seven deadly facts slay James Hansen’s CO2 sky dragon and refute GHG and the man-made global warming sham. What Dr. Latour presents is robust and verifiable science.


But the unassuming Latour doesn’t claim his analysis is cutting edge or requiring any special peer review because what he presents is well known to professional physicists and engineers; ”it does not merit a research paper, or research, or experiments.”


As the man-made global warming cult collapses the 'science' of human caused global warming is being condemned just as emphatically as Wall Street's sub-prime mortgage scam. Thus Latour’s final words of advice are succinct and to the point: “Logic just needs clear definitions and common sense, not government spending and regulation.”

Read Dr Latour’s original essay here.


 John O’Sullivan is coordinator and coauthor of Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory.


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