Earth Mother Moonshine Condemns Rio ‘Sustainability’ Summit

The Rio Earth Summit (June 2012) will go down in history as the moment the global elite tossed global warming into the trashcan of political irrelevance and went all out for sustainability. Selling species destruction as the “greatest threat” to planet Earth becomes the UN’s last desperate pitch for population control and global governance under UN Agenda 21.

The Earth Mother Wants Your Dollars

The Earth Mother Wants Your Dollars

Last week Rio+20 conference organizers candidly conceded that sustainable development and biodiversity might now be an “easier sell” than their junk gambit on climate change. As such, the UN and it’s NGO accomplices, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, etc. signal a wholesale change in their Big Green marketing strategy. Nonetheless, stark evidence was on show of Mother Earth religionists still hell bent on using scare tactics and alarm – rather than hard science – to persuade us all to give up our dreams of a better life by exploiting industrial and technological advances.

Global Feudalism is what Mother Earth Asks of Us

Frankly, any and all industrial growth is anathema to those who worship at the UN altar to the earth goddess, Gaia. Our planet’s richest left-leaning billionaires are very much at the fore of this crazy crusade. Global feudalism, where the serfs are lorded over by a tiny elite, became the key UN goal under play maker, Maurice Strong and advanced with vigor after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989. Ever since, the UN’s skewed brand of environmentalism has been a productive recruiting sergeant to advance a one-world agenda. So pervasive has the threat from Agenda 21 become that in 2011 even Democrats in America, alongside Republicans and libertarians rose to fight this new menace.

Better known irreverently as “watermelons” (green on the outside, very red inside) the mindset of such environmentalist zealotry may be better appreciated by simply viewing this CFACT video that reveals “Mother Earth” worship as an entrenched belief at the UN Summit. Spiritualism rather than materialism – belief over evidence – is what these delegates preach. In particular, listen to the panelist (2:30 onwards) as she signifies this clear shift of emphasis from “man-made global warming” to “biodiversity.” This is but a parallel path to steer us towards the very same radical green goals: global governance and population control.

Up until now a semblance of a scientific veneer was given to the proceedings by the fledgling research discipline of climatology, conscripted wholesale to become well-paid bedfellows of the UN’s shamans and mystics. It worked until the worst offenders succeeded in alienating honest scientists from this charlatanism. Global warming “science” peddled by the likes of Michael Mann and James Hansen became such an embarrassment that Rio was made over to be all about “sustainability” instead.

Nonetheless, Rio+20 conference speakers prove ‘Agenda 21’ – the UN’s mission statement for global governance – is alive and well despite being dressed in new green clothes. Instead of global warming, species extinction is the new scare story to get us -all kneeling at the altar of Mother Earth ersatz-speak for One World UN-elected government

Species Extinction is an Evolutionary Process

Mother Earth fanatics remain as woefully weak on scientific insight as ever, deluded in their belief that our planet’s climate and environment are inherently stable and would remain so absent any human “interference.” But confounding that dogma is thousands of scientists (outside of climatology) that collectively understand, from their own science training, just how life on this planet is constantly evolving as part of a never-ending chaotic flux. Such scientists are apparently less afraid of Malthusian prophecy and unimpressed by ‘Limits to Growth’ – the bible of the self-serving rich elite.

Humanity (and our evolutionary rise) is intrinsic to Life, not an adjunct to it and science has no place for Mother Earth mysticism. If the UN must adhere to this unscientific creed then scientists will further be alienated from the debate as the subjective whims of the shamans and high priests of environmentalism altogether replace logic and reason.

We should understand that the most wondrous creation so far found in the universe is the human mind; the quintessence of which is science and reason. This is what has allowed us to fulfil our non-random potential and escape extinction.  Of course, we know that other species might randomly and accidentally escape extinction for long periods, but none will escape extinction when our sun expires, and 99.999% of species on Earth today will not it make it that far – not least homo sapiens.

Human Advancement Embodies Evolutionary Progression

Only a species with an evolved conscious has the potential to escape extinction and aspire to represent an immortal species. Our universe compels us in time to follow the process of evolution where the creative conscious and reflective human mind is the current epitome of the apex of life. We see homo sapiens have been invested with something exceptional by nature. We have been divested of fur, of claws, of stamina, of strength, of fangs, etc., and no combination of those things is as powerful as the conscious mind evolved – and still evolving – over millennia. Our minds help us foresee and circumvent danger. Our skepticism is a concomitant constant in our search for truth. One such danger we have faced and are overcoming is the lie of dystopian green collectivism as embodied in Agenda 21.

These lies were spawned in earnest since the mid 1970’s when an un-elected Maurice Strong was made Secretary General of the Earth Summit, and the UN cloaked its anti-freedom, anti-intellectual ‘Agenda 21’ in the green religious garb trimmed with a scientific veneer. Emeritus Professor John D. Trudel, in his post Chains of Law is one of many analysts who forewarned of how Strong’s Agenda 21 was going to be radically mobilized by a compliant band of “useful idiots” who unquestioningly worshipped at Strong’s now sullied altar of “Mother Earth.”

The UN congregation at each of these climate conferences gleefully embraces climate change alarmism to mount a direct-frontal attack on the human mind, and therefore on human existence itself. 

UN Crimes Unpunished

But high priest Strong,who also orchestrated the 1992 Rio conference and is  godfather of the environmental movement was implicated in the theft of $1 million from the UN’s ‘Oil-for-Food-Program.’ Strong fled to China to evade prosecution. His partner in crime, George Soros then came to the fore. Ever since, the Strong-Soros plan to condemn us all to feudalism under Agenda 21 has been vigorously opposed by those of us determined to research and resist. Retaining our instinct for freedom and desire to shape the universe around us to augment our probability of survival, we fought the Strong-Soros plan to steal our only evolutionary advantage; a conscious and fully engaged mind with the ability to shape our environment to augment our survival. This is the only evident evolutionary purpose in having a mind and any other species would do the same, if it could. 

Other freethinking from the wider world of science, engineering, mathematics, etc. are now increasingly coming together in such bodies as Principia Scientific International. They do so to find union to better advance the Renaissance concept of the human mind as the vessel to steer ourselves to a better existence exploiting the full powers given to us by nature. The mind is the only thing that matters in this universe because the universe will forget every single other species without mind as they fall to inevitable extinction.  Extinction is the norm and an inescapable end for everything – except possibly for a more evolved humanity.

Skepticism Advances as Green Dogma Falters

 With so much of what comes out of the UN tainted with the stench of corruption what does the (skeptical) mind do? It reacts and adapts. As if it were a species in it’s own right the skeptical mind engages in a form of biomigration of atoms (individuals) and first defends itself then battles against the cancerous climate creed as if it was an unwelcome new organism. As the fraud and fakery in climate science has been exposed we see a modification of the debate just as nature transforms inert lithospheric components into biospheric resources. 

This is what every living thing does and “balance” will be restored in our time just as species survive in a geologic epoch. But for the corrupt UN there is no balance, because they- like other maladaptive species – are found out. Thus they face going extinct, and just as the lithospheric and biospheric systems, must adapt or die.  The skeptical human mind wields this power as a willful and conscious and purposeful act, for augmenting the probability of its survival, in real time, and quickly.

Thus we define the green religion of the UN as a species on the cusp of extinction.  Any species that was a “greenie” in the past is extinct, and is guaranteed to go extinct.  No living thing can survive without modifying the environment around it; this always permanently changes the system, and there has never been any equilibrium because the system has always been changing and species have always been going extinct.

Greens Embody Limits to Growth

The UN and their NGO green partners aren’t attacking humans with bullets, knives, or wars (well, perhaps some are). But they are attacking humans at a much more fundamental and lethal level: they are attacking the most important characteristic we have evolved: our ability to consciously, actively and radically modify our environment to augment our survival. 

We have manifested our augmentations in material form wielding tools to shape bridges, canals, vehicles, airplanes, high-productivity/high density agriculture and animal husbandry, roadways, ships, etc; all these are augmented in the healthy mind by art, philosophy, science, engineering, education, etc. 

What scientists and engineers outside of the Big Green movement condemn is what “green power” represents.  Going to wind/solar represents a direct assault in the power of the human mind, in the ability of the mind and the human species to live beyond the limitations set by the inert lithosphere.  It is a decrease in the energy flux density controlled by the species, and 7 billion of us could NOT survive with this type of power.  It is as simple as that: wind and solar cannot support 7 billion people and it cannot support high technology.  It is very simply and very directly, genocidal.  It’s a fantastic farce, a total trick: using modern technology to go backwards.  And then once you go backwards, once you lose the high energy flux density technology and lose the population, then you go backwards even more, because there will be nothing to support and repair the wind and solar technology. 

Our Minds Make Energy Nature’s Endless Bounty

Wind and solar technology can only be produced from nuclear and “fossil-fuel” power.  It is an evolutionary dead end, just what the greenies want for humanity as a whole.  They hate the mind, they hate evolution, they hate what evolution produces, they hate all living matter in fact because all living matter radically modifies the environment, even the lowliest bacterium.  They hate their own existence.  They are a pestilence unto themselves, and they hate themselves for it.

 High-density-energy production is one of the most fundamental manifestations of the mind that augments its probability for survival, its power of survival, and its well-being.  There is no more obvious direct attack on the human mind, on evolution and the teleology of the universe itself, than the greenie push towards low-density-energy production and usage.  The greenies want us to live at the biological standard of the lithosphere, which is no standard at all!: the wind, the random wind, and the random sunshine getting through the clouds. 

The only thing the mind is good for is for allowing its host to live beyond such limitations of the lithosphere and the biosphere: to live in the noosphere.  The noosphere ultimately does the exact same things as the lithosphere and biosphere – the biogenic migration of atoms, and the modification of the environment – it just does it a lot more efficiently, and with intent…the willful intent to survive.  And this is what the greenies are attacking.  They are a worse threat to human kind than an asteroid.

The green movement that now drives the UN is trying to delete the human mind. It serves a Malthusian Mother Earth that is negative and finite and blind to human ingenuity and optimism.  As such the Earth Mother concept is anti-intellectual, anti-progress. It offers us ‘Agenda 21’ as a creed built on stagnation and decline which is the ultimate evil; a contradiction to the very basis of existence itself.  They want and desire zero progress, and zero is exactly where they will end up. But the history of evolution tells us no species can fight existence on such a fundamental level and win – the fundamental teleology of the dynamic and ever-changing universe will wipe you out without having even noticed.


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