Time for us to get real on this green energy obsession

(Source: Western Morning News)

There has never been a more important time for people to wake up and see the reality that lies behind the great “green agenda” and the belief in carbon induced climate change.

Just Say No to Environmental Extremism

Just Say No to Environmental Extremism

In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention. Chilling isn’t it!

This ugly belief that we are destroying the planet is being forced into every corner of our lives. It is taught in schools, to children, who are told that their forefathers helped to put the planet on death row. It is squeezed into every corner of everyday life, from the type of houses we build, the way we heat them and even to the type of bulbs we are allowed to use in them, from food production through to waste and to just about any form of transport and travel!

Nobody can escape being part of the equation, we are all guilty. But that is the whole point! Why invent something that will only control a few?

Environmentalists the world over have driven this movement, by harping on about the fragile earth and all of its resources that we should protect.

The situation is this, for all the evil we apparently do to the world by eating meat, driving cars, and keeping warm, the only solution seems to be to tax everyone more. Apart from the obvious taxes on fuel, on coal, on industries, all of which are based on CO2 (Yes, CO2, that naturally occurring plant food that we have all been led to believe is a pollutant) there are many more hidden taxes. The useless, countryside-destroying windmills, encouraged by environmentalists, just earn millions of pounds for the owners, paid for by us – a tax. The incentives for biomass paid for by us – a tax. The power generated by solar panels, albeit very little, paid for by us – a tax. And so on. Next year a carbon floor price will be introduced which will further increase the cost of energy. And all of this hardship is being perpetuated by an invented problem, that our messing with carbon will end life as we know it! What rubbish.

The latest local ramification to all this is the huge number of people living in fuel poverty. The solution apparently includes guess what? Cutting our carbon emissions! I have never heard so much counterproductive nonsense. Fuel poverty is caused by rising prices. Every single carbon-reducing plan comes hand in hand with an increase in price. Hence the chase for less carbon will cause more fuel poverty. It’s time to get real, and free ourselves from this anti CO2 obsession.

Please remember, climate change is the natural deviation of a planet’s ever changing weather pattern, and nothing we see now is new. It has all been here before in history, hotter and colder. However, Manmade Global Warming is nothing but politics.

Politics in its most manipulative and controlling guise. Don’t let it continue.



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3 responses to “Time for us to get real on this green energy obsession

  1. Climate change is inevitable… Though I 100% agree that we contributed A LOT to it over the past 100 years, its never too late to just simply ‘go green’.

    -Sharone Tal

    • going green is not the answer,green loony schemes are bankrupting every western country for no gain,wind farms do not supply base load power,just make the rich,richer for no gain,build more clean coal fired power stations because they are a lot cheaper to run,that’s not smoke coming out of the smoke stacks it’s steam,start reading up on these things and be informed for your own good

      • grumpydenier

        Good try, grannie, but it won’t work.
        These dimwits are scared of doing research and finding something that might contradict their belief systems.
        It needs some sort of major media coverage starting with some face-to-face encounters on telly. The only problem is they won’t face their critics in public.

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