Breaking: Michael Mann in Perjury Sensation: Nobel Committee Affirm He Lied

The Norwegian Nobel Institute has today made a statement affirming that climate scientist, Michael Mann lied when he claimed he was a joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. The news is set to render a devastating blow to all libel suits Mann has filed against critics of his outlandish global warming claims.

Where once there was doubt now none remains

Where once there was doubt now none remains

Tom Richard investigating for takes the credit for this sensational scoop.  Tom says, “I contacted the  Norwegian Nobel Institute to find out if Mann was indeed a Nobel Laureate, winner, etc.” A prompt reply from  Geir Lundestad, Director, Professor, of The Norwegian Nobel Institute was soon forthcoming. In no uncertain terms Lundestad affirmed, “Michael Mann has never been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.” Yet lo and behold Mann makes the claim that he has been “awarded the Nobel Peace Prize” in the complaint itself (page 2, paragraph 2).

Mann and his hot shot lawyers have thus violated Rule 11(a)(1) and (3) over Mann’s  dodgy affadavit submitted this week in the District of Columbia Court. He is now proven to have knowingly sought to mislead the court. In short, the offense is one of perjury. Blackstone’s law dictionary describes perjury as, “a crime committed when a lawful oath is administered, in some judicial proceeding, to a person who swears willfully, absolutely and falsely, in a matter material to the issue or point in question.”

Mann's IPCC certificate displayed in his office proving he was a helper NOT a Nobel laureate

EXHIBIT A: Mann’s IPCC certificate displayed in his office proving he was a helper NOT a Nobel Laureate

Earlier this week, Mark Steyn, a co-defendant in the latest Mann libel suit was scathing about Mann’s Nobel Prize claims. As to the IPCC “certificate” Mann proudly displays on his Facebook page as “proof” Lundestad had this to say, “Unfortunately we often experience that members of organizations that have indeed been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize issue various forms of personal diplomas to indicate that they personally have received the Nobel Peace Prize. They have not.”

In essence, this new evidence shows that Mann will stoop to criminality to achieve his goals. He is now the veritable Lance Armstrong of climate science. Whether the court imposes a light or a harsh sanction  the offense is a criminal act. As such, this is the best possible news for those Mann is suing for libel. Up till now there was only circumstantial evidence in the public domain to suggest the Penn State University (PSU) climatologist is guilty of academic fraud. But  now with proof of perjury, Mann’s reputation sinks to an all time low with actual  criminality established.

For all their smart work in forum shopping the case to the District of Columbia courts, Mann’s lawyers now face a tortuous uphill battle to win over any judge and jury, let alone one under “biased” Judge Natalie Combs-Greene.

In Canada this news may also impact Mann’s libel suit against fellow climatologist, Dr Tim Ball which has stalled since last year. That’s all because Mann refuses to provide courtroom examination of the dodgy data he has kept secret since he first concocted his infamous “hockey stick” graph that was trumpeted by the IPCC and others as “proof” human emissions of carbon dioxide were dangerously changing the climate.

You can imagine Mark Steyn, Rand Simberg and the folks at National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute will today be convulsant with laughter at the news.


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26 responses to “Breaking: Michael Mann in Perjury Sensation: Nobel Committee Affirm He Lied

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  2. The tangled web (per Sir Walter Scott below) he is weaving is becoming ever more tangled. He will soon be trapped in the tangle without possibility of escape. Perhaps he should have picked a better authority to rely upon than himself.

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!”
    Sir Walter Scott (1771 – 1832)

  3. Jennifer Marohasy

    The certificate you/he displays above is from the IPCC. The IPCC thanks him for his contribution to the award.

    • johnosullivan

      Indeed, and it is displayed proudly in Mann’s office and on his FB page as the nearest thing he possesses as “proof” he is a Nobel laureate. That’s why it’s my ‘EXHIBIT A’ – it goes to the heart of his credibility.

    • John in France

      In a quite different field I have had to deal with a colleague who tried to usurp my work. The method he used was similar to what has happened here. It consisted of what I can only call “insidious subliminal self-promotion”. In other words he sent photos to various authors of work we did in a communal project. He added no description of what the photos represented without any caption, leaving it to the authors to conjecture whose work it was. And of course the authors automatically credited it to him; after their works were published it was too late to make a correction and of course he never demanded errata. This went on until he became so cock-sure of himself that he did actually claim paternity in so many words. I found this out in time and successfully opposed publication but there was not much else I could do.

      For me the first two examples: i.e. the “certificate” and the Facebook comment are good examples of “insidious subliminal self-promotion” (is there a legal term for this practice?); but he can still say that he always alluded to team work but journalists automatically put two and two together and get five.

      The example from the legal brief to me is more flagrant as it implies he was team leader:
      “2. Dr Mann is a climate scientist whose research has focused on global warming.

      Along with other researchers, he was one of the first to document the steady rise in surface temperatures since the 1950s? As a result of his research, Michael Mann and his colleagues were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

      (Page 2 Paragraph 2 from Legal Brief.)”

      I think he has now really dropped himself in it and it would be wise to immediately pull the plug on all three lawsuits, including Tim Ball’s, as quickly as possible before it’s too late (probably is already).

      • johnosullivan

        John in France,
        I have an astonishing update on this story that will demonstrate absolutely of more mendacity from Mann. Things behind the scenes are happening apace. I aiming to publish a scoop on Monday. Watch this space!

  4. A Frabjous Day indeed 🙂

  5. Steve Mennie

    FFS’re doing it again..the same huffing and puffing and bloviating about what ammounts to a spelling mistake for chrissake that you exhibited over the “Climategate” scandal…you remember that scandal, I’m sure. A lot of hot air was expended over……what? Nothing has changed regarding the science of global warming..the planet is warming, the ice is melting and you are still going on about piffle. It would make sense if you were being paid to peddle this tripe but as you say you are not, what then keeps you going? Way too much time on your hands I suspect.

    • Ilma630

      Knowingly making a false statement on a court document is a little more than a ‘spelling mistake’! As with all these things, if it had been Mark Steyn making a false declaration when suing Mann, you would no doubt be screaming blue murder and calling for the severest penalty.

    • Mr Mennie,
      Clearly you can’t comprehend legal arguments based on hard evidence. I am the only prominent commenter who has thus far come out and boldly called Michael Mann a criminal. While, to the best of my knowledge I remain the only commenter that Mann has publicly threatened to sue over the Sandusky comparison but hasn’t been served a lawsuit. What’s he scared of? If Mann doesn’t now sue me for calling him a criminal then he’s never going to.

    • Froggy

      “The planet is warming” you state, Well not according to this it isnt.,,,,,,,,,,
      You might also want to get up to date on the “ice melt” before making such a claim.

  6. TheJollyGreenMan

    Hi John,

    Thank you for such an informative blog, I’ve been following your work for quite a while now and appreciate the fact that you don’t just repeat news items but actually take the time to write such informed commentary!

    Thank you for this neat explanation of what perjury is. Mann has a puffed up ego and believes his own hype. It is time he is taken to task!

    I see that Steve is still shouting Fire in a crowded cinema. Here in the UK we’ve had our first touch of frost for this Autumn. If we can believe Piers Corbyn, we are in for a very long and prolonged cold spell, and I suspect that he is going to be proved right!

    My question to Steve is: How many old age pensioners and homeless people have to die this winter before you admit you have been making sacrifices at the temple of a false god? Or, will you rejoice in the fact that there are less vermin on the face of your beloved Mother Gaia?

    • johnosullivan

      Thanks for your feedback. Hopefully others will start to understand how devastating this new evidence from the Nobel Committee will be. Just imagine the impact on a jury when it listens to a witness from the Nobel Committee testifying in court that Mann is a bare-faced liar. Alongside that fact is Mann’s stubborn refusal to release his secret tree ring data. What of his hockey stick claims then?

  7. Steve Mennie


    If you want to convince people of the correctness of your side I would suggest that you refrain from using the Daily Mail as a legitimate source of scientific information. And would you be so kind as to point me to what you consider to be the most robust data concerning the record setting loss of Arctic ice this year?

    And John…referring to yourself as a “prominent commenter” clearly shows your own puffed up image of yourself as having something relevant to say about global warming. I daresay that an enlarged ego is what keeps you riding this horse denying the science of AGW.

    Michael Mann may indeed have a large ego but that is irrelevant to the legitimacy of his work and your fulminating about it ammounts to nothing more than an ad hominum attack.

    @Jolly Green Man..

    You are correct to begin your suggestion that the UK is in for a prolonged cold spell (as if that proved anything one way or the other) by saying…”if we can believe Piers Corbyn…” That is a very large ‘if’ and I would say that you can’t.

    • Mennie,
      As with most people on your side of the AGW debate you target the messenger not the issues. In case you don’t know it Mann and his cronies read my stuff and Mann, himself threatened me with a libel suit after I posted my article drawing eerie comparisons with the way PSU whitewashed their investigations of Mann and Sandusky. You can poo-poo me all you like but the facts speak for themselves. If you keep coming on here posting personal insults rather than genuine points for debate you will be deleted.

    • catweazle666

      Ah, another one that, having presented with information that contradicts his credo, shoots the messenger.

      Concerning David Rose’s article in the Daily Mail to which you have taken exception, try this:

      “The Met Office now confirms on its climate blog that no significant warming has occurred recently: ‘We agree with Mr Rose that there has only been a very small amount of warming in the 21st Century.’”

      The “very small amount of warming:” in question amounts to 0.03 deg. C.

      As to the low level of Arctic ice – which NASA attributes to a storm and specifically denies is a result of climate change, why do you not take account of the year-on-year increase in ice cover in the Arctic, culminating on record cover in September? As the Earth’s climate is mostly driven by events in the oceans, and as the Southern hemisphere embraces a considerably greater proportion of the World’s oceans than the Northern, I would have considered that would be a matter worthy of consideration.

  8. Steve Mennie

    Try reading this, Froggy…I know, even as I post this that I’m probably more likely to change the mind of the Jehovah’s Witness on my front step than get you to admit that maybe..just maybe, there’s something to this global warming thingie…

    • catweazle666

      Ah, skepticalscience, that’s the blog that’s run by a failed cartoonist called John Cook, isn’t it?

      And you can tell.

      You’ll be quoting from Wikipedia next.

      As for changing the mind of Jehovah’s witnesses, well….

  9. Steve Mennie

    A failed cartoonist etc….ad hominem again. And please point out where I have attacked the messenger. And for those really interested in looking at evidence..

    And why is it that when confronted with the record breaking loss of ice in the Arctic you quickly point to the Antarctic. (Look, a squirrel!). I don’t disagree that the southern oceans are worthy of consideration (the warming being considered is global after all) but the subject at hand is the record (by a large margin) loss of Arctic ice. Here’s some real evidence and although it’s from a blog by a failed cartoonist (you say) the pertinent information is from reputable scientists and experts on Arctic ice loss.

    And while we’re talking about shooting the messenger and such..what is the scientific value and argumentative force of the photo of Michael Mann at the top of this post picturing him as being in a police line up and further, since when is someone guilty of perjury before being found so in a court of law? You, if anyone, should know that a person is to be considered innocent until proven guilty John. Its perhaps a small nit but I think worth picking.

  10. Steve Mennie

    Yes, yes…I’m sure it’ll be damnedably damning but in the meanwhile what is your reply concerning the photo of Michael Mann at the top of this post? You seem anxious to point out when others are making ad hominem attacks and I’m interested to hear your defense of using this photo. And it’s interesting that no one seems interested in reading evidence concerning disappearing arctic ice, even if it’s to debunk it. C’mon fellas.

  11. johnosullivan

    Mr Mennie,
    Michael Mann threatened me with a libel suit in the deluded belief that I would somehow be intimidated into refraining from exposing his misdeeds. The photo is a satirical response to such threats.

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  14. joesomebody

    In all pure logic. The world has been a lot colder and a lot hotter than now Over a very, very, very long time.
    So called “Climatology” is presently looking at a dictionary through a electron microscope. Wile telling us the end is near if we don’t change our ways and repent.

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