Joe Postma: Taking Climate Back from the Flat Earthers

Third-rate science has long been welcome in climatology. It has been deliberately modeling our Earth as flat for 50 years; all to hide the fictional effect  described by the  ‘greenhouse gas theory.’ In his latest stunning analysis, astrophysicist, Joe Postma, again demonstrates why it’s so dangerous to trust government climate science.

The New Religion of Climate Change. The Old Boss is the Same as the New, Part 1

by Joseph E. Postma

Setting the Landscape

As we have learned in my ongoing series on the fraud of the atmospheric greenhouse effect, climate pseudoscience invented an artificial, fictional scheme by which the atmosphere can heat itself up without the Sun, so that they could create an alarmist political movement to vilify the life-creating-gas of carbon dioxide.  What we are going to learn now is that this is not just a political movement. It is something much more profound.

I first want to speak on the level of insanity that we’re dealing with on this issue:  The people who believe in the greenhouse effect, believe it makes no difference to think of the planet as either flat, or spherical, and they believe that a flat planet Earth must actually do a better job at explaining the “average system” than a spherical planet Earth.  They believe it makes no difference whether we model the input power of sunshine at -18oC, or at +49oC.

They believe that if you fictionalize the input power of the Sun to -18oC, on average, on a flat Earth, and then create a greenhouse effect to explain why it is so much warmer than this on the ground, that this is a more valid way of thinking about the planet Earth than its reality of actually being spherical with +49oC of heating input.  I have literally had to write out differential calculus equations proving that the Earth can be modeled as a sphere, and with real-time power from the Sun, and that it makes things very hot, and that this produces wildly different results than a flat Earth requiring the invention of a greenhouse effect.  But still, some people prefer to believe in thinking of the planet as flat.

That is as simple as my criticism is:  I look at the standard atmospheric greenhouse schematic and energy budget from climate science, see that it has a flat Earth and that sunshine is cold, and so I ask, “What difference does it make if you treat sunshine as hot, its real strength, and the Earth as a rotating sphere?”

That is the entire essence of my criticism.  Do these things make a difference?  Why wouldn’t they? Read more from this remarkable scientist here.


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5 responses to “Joe Postma: Taking Climate Back from the Flat Earthers

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  2. Steve Mennie

    I see you have the usual gathering or perhaps congealing of a few – rubbing their hands together..or should that be hand? How long can you carry on fulminating to a crowd of three and still believe that you have anything of value to say regarding global climate change John? Wouldn’t your talents be put to better use writing porno scripts…I mean lines such as…”the scam withers as the key perpetrators become increasingly ostracized as toxic and dangerous..” deserve to be read by a much wider audience than that gathered in this tiny little room. I do have to give you credit for stamina keep plowing on, impervious to evidence.

    • johnosullivan

      While Principia Scientific International is recruiting scientists of the caliber of Nobel Physics prize nominees I can always enjoy a laugh when reading Mennie’s denialist sour grapes.

  3. Pops

    Good article, John. Keep up the good work.

    • johnosullivan

      Thanks Pops. We are clearly persuading ever more scientists that there is no greenhouse gas effect whatsoever. We just need help to spread the word.

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