Dear Anthony Watts and WUWT: Please Stop Your Greenhouse Gas Censorship

WUWT magic gas tirade Dec 2012

Skeptics are rightly proud of the success of popular science blog, WUWT as an antidote to government misinformation and bias about man-made global warming. However, an irrational censorship over greenhouse gas science by site owner Anthony Watts may be about to damage the credibility of this supposed champion of higher standards in climate science.

For almost two years Mr. Watts has stubbornly opposed all requests to host a debate on his blog about new science discrediting the greenhouse gas effect (GHE), the very cornerstone of alarmist claims that humans are dangerously warming the atmosphere. I personally, have been banned by an irate Watts from even contacting him.

Now astrophysicist, Joseph E. Postma, author of the latest groundbreaking paper ‘Absence of a Measurable Greenhouse Gas Effect‘ has  become the latest victim of irrational censorship at the hands of the closed-minded Watts. As Postma lamented yesterday, “Right in the middle of a perfectly good conversation, with good science being discussed Watts shut down the discussion.” WUWT is blocking our attempt to apply an embedded link to the comment in question but the URL is:

The Watts comment reads as follows:

“Mr. Postma and everybody else involved in this idiotic discussion over “magic gas”

The greenhouse effect exists, get over it. The only questions are magnitude, sensitives [sic], and feedbacks.

This thread is closed, along with a warning to any other “Slayers” out there posing under other names (Doug Cotton this means you).

Your GHG science is pointless, wrong, and unwelcome here. Take it somehwere [sic] else, and please, be as upset as you wish. – Anthony Watts”

Mr. Watts may have his own private reasons for wanting to preserve the status quo about that so-called “magic gas” (carbon dioxide). But as coordinator of the increasingly prominent Principia Scientific International (PSI), which has eight signatories among the 125+ of the recent open letter to UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, I make this public plea to Mr. Watts: please show statesmanship and demonstrate your support of open science debate and lift your ban against us. If our science is “idiotic, pointless and wrong” surely your forum is a great place to prove it.

Many thanks,

John O’Sullivan



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10 responses to “Dear Anthony Watts and WUWT: Please Stop Your Greenhouse Gas Censorship

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  2. John in France

    Yes it is a form of censorship and Watts does seem to have let himself get carried away by the anti-Slayer paranoia that has swept a number of sceptic sites over the last year or so. He made a declaration to the same effect on one of his recent television interviews.

    But, before going any farther it would be good to have a better idea of the content of that “perfectly good conversation, with good science being discussed” before Watts shut it down (it may be on the link to the “censor’s pen of Watts” but when I tried it just now I got an error message).

  3. Edmonton Al

    AW seems to have a short temper I’ve noticed in the past.
    Is this another case of “Success breeds contempt” ?
    Personally, I am in the “Slayers” camp.
    I never felt comfortable with the GHE.
    I suppose I’ll be blacklisted from WUWT but thay OK.

  4. johnosullivan

    John & Al,
    This is all very sad and utterly avoidable. Mr Watts has done terrific work on many subjects connected to the climate debate but we just wish he would give us at least the chance to debate our science on WUWT before he rushes to judgment. He even admits he’s not even studied it. Such a shame.

  5. Pops

    “…but we just wish he would give us at least the chance to debate our science on WUWT…” Don’t hold your magic gas, John.

  6. Pops,
    Don’t worry – after two years of waiting I’m no longer holding my “magic gas”.

  7. John in France

    Thanks for arranging the link.
    I wouldn’t call it “a perfectly good scientific conversation” having just waded through what has been generally an insufferable shouting match of a thread. The impression I’ve come back with is that a number of commenters, unfortunately often not the least interesting, systematically scapegoat the Slayers (or what some still pigheadedly still insist on calling “Skydragons”) associating them with all the sock-puppeteering and wacky comments they come across. One of the mods even had to correct them on the identity of a perceived Slayer sock-puppet.
    Anthony rightly closed the thread but he too could not refrain to giving vent to his prejudices and closed it too soon in my opinion just when cooler heads such as Joe Postma’s seemed to be prevailing.
    As he himself admits, Anthony is obviously burnt out at the moment.
    All that said, the exclude-Slayers policy is a serious mistake.

  8. John, I fully concur with your assessment.

  9. Steve Mennie

    Just passed by to check out the huge crowds buried in deep discussion…as usual only a few..mostly the same old same old..But I’m afraid that as with fundamentalist christians, (the more evidence of the general wackiness of their beliefs that is presented to them, the more they dig in and see it as ‘proving ‘ the rightness of their position), I’m sure that you and your half-dozen or so followers feel that its lonely at the top and rather than seeing that you are, indeed, on the wrong side of history you will pride yourselves on not being the lemmings that you perceive all about you.

    Carry on and may the force be with you.

  10. Martin Hodgkins

    Ye Gods scientists talk some bull these days. When I go a walk up Snowdon it is a little bit colder at the top because the air is a little bit thinner. Before sunrise it is cold even in the summer, it’s amazing how quickly the air loses it’s heat. Back radiation this, black body that, albedo something else all trying to impress each other with your grasp of atmospheric insolation. It would be funny if there weren’t so much money being wasted and so much at stake. Watts wants to be taken seriously by a bunch of folks so far up their own backsides that they can’t see sense any more.
    The emperor is wearing no clothes. If you can’t make them listen with science, John try showing them the mirror.

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