2012: Another Increase in Media Boredom with Global Warming

Latest research shows that news coverage of the global warming scare  fell again in 2012. Despite all the hype over ‘Superstorm Sandy’ the year 2012 continued the trend of falling mainstream news and public interest about climate. But while most news outlets cut back on global warming stories the core promoters of the man-made warming cult  are unmoved in their coverage.


The latest numbers come from the media database maintained by the nonprofit journalism site The Daily Climate as reported by Climate Central blog. They prove that the New York Times led the way in 2012 posting the most stories on this non issue. The inescapable truth is that public interest in global warming has long fallen off a cliff. In no small part because, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)  global temperatures have flatlined since 1997.  Nonetheless, the NYT still registered the biggest increase in climate coverage among the five largest U.S. daily papers, according to media data trackers from the University of Colorado.

According to The Daily Climate a total of 7,194 reporters and commentators filed 18,546 stories, compared to  7,166 reporters who filed 18,995 stories in 2011. Climate Central says, “The numbers remain far from 2009’s peak, when roughly 11,000 reporters and commentators published 32,400 items on climate change, based on the news site’s archive.”

Meanwhile in Britain UK television viewers were treated to a gloomy New Year prediction from media alarmists-in-chief, the BBC.   The BBC’s Roger Harrabin announced the nation’s first “climate disaster” story of the year  delivered by the discredited Met Office. Hopefully, they will have better luck than their last pitiful prediction. The gaffe-prone Met Office issued a long range forecast  in a  press release  last March warning that 2012 was going to bring a “very serious summer drought.”  In the same article they boasted they had “world-leading weather forecasting expertise.” But right on cue the clouds opened up and the weather played it’s usual trick with a slew of deluges to prove just how incompetent the Met Office really is.  Today the record books shows 2012 was the second wettest in Britain for 100 years. No wonder these clowns are the butt of so many jokes.

So this week, in the wake of all that prolonged rain, out come the nation’s weather bunglers  once again this time saying 2012’s rain was predicted by global warming models and more is on the way! Oh boy, nothing changes. Harrabin and the Met Office have a track record of being economical with the truth. Perhaps the root of the problem could be their choice of  Robert Napier as boss. This is the same Robert Napier who is Chairman of the Carbon Disclosure Project – as hard core green as it gets.

With both the Met Office and the BBC unashamedly with their grubby fingers in the climate change money pie it’s no wonder viewers have switched off.  As the latest media data proves, more savvy media outlets are reacting accordingly and dumping climate alarmism.  But no prizes for predicting that the Met Office, the BBC and the New York Times will go on spewing the same old nonsense regardless – especially as the UN’s  Intergovernmental  Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is set to publish a major new report  later this year.


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5 responses to “2012: Another Increase in Media Boredom with Global Warming

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  2. Sky News are also pushing a meme of event attribution and other witchcraft about the rain and floods using the Met Office and Friends of the Earth as the usual balanced impartial sources.

  3. Being told of doom and gloom for years get boring as hell when it never shows up.

  4. Shooter

    You know, articles such as these:


    Are more than happy to use a flawed theory (Drake Equation) and turn around and say they’re mad at the public ignoring and denying science. What angers me is that CSICOP, a so-called “skeptical inquiry” site, uses the tactics of global warming alarmists, calling anyone who dares question the theory “climate change deniers”. They never once mention any of these so-called deniers, and are thriving off of strawmen. The author, a journalist with absolutely no qualifications in science, is sitting at her computer wondering why the public has been turned off science.

    Oh, I wonder why that is? Is it because of fraud? Oh, no, scientists can’t do that, according to SETI, they’re pinnacles of truth!

    So CSICOP, like Skepdic and Doubtful news, aren’t accurate skeptical sites. Like SkepticalScience they push the global warming dogmatism as truth, and you’re a crackpot and a conspiracy theorist if you disagree. It seems that none of them understand the science, and their militant atheism shows that. None of them mention the greenhouse theory because like the lukewarmists, they assume that is exists. They are all convinced we are changing the climate and must do something about it, while simultaneously not explaining their case; they just assume people know what they’re talking about and that they’re right.

    They’ll be all smug and stuff when it comes to ghosts and aliens, because rightfully the science is both in both fields, but are ever so smug and even downright nasty when it comes to global warming. They are convinced and subscribe to this religion, ironically in the exact same way as those Creationist followers they so hate. Never once do they examine the entirety of the issue as real skeptics; they just assume that they are right based on a “consensus”.

    The late Michael Crichton had a few words to say about SETI and AGW. He hated both of them and called them horrible science. Had he been alive, he would give CSICOP the thrashing it deserves, because they fool the public into believing they want good science.

  5. John O'Sullivan

    Shooter, I agree with every word you say!

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