Pro-Greenhouse Gas Theory Press Release Goes Up in Smoke

Red-faced supporters of the collapsing science of man-made global warming are being mocked after a press release backfires badly.

The unnamed author of the press release on PROLog disingenuously chose as an authority a reference that, rather than helping his cause, actually contradicts the orthodoxy that so-called greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide dangerously trap heat in Earth’s atmosphere.

The press release specifically seeks to debunk a rising band of maverick skeptics supportive of the ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon’ book. The book’s authors include Canada’s most famous climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball among a team of independent international scientists, engineers and related experts. The book has been widely trumpeted as the world’s first full-volume debunk of the scientific cornerstone of claims about man-made global warming. The authors claim to have proven there is no such heat trapping effect from any back radiation from carbon dioxide (CO2), which they say, would violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

However, the PRLog press release (April 6, 2012) entitled ‘Global Warming by Backradiation does not violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics’ states:

“backradiation has nothing to do with the temperature of the CO2 molecule itself, and therefore violation of the Second Law based on heat flow from cold CO2 molecules to the warm Earth may be safely dismissed.”

However, the above statement is quickly debunked as evasive and a deception simply by reference to Kirchhoff’s Three Laws of Spectroscopy. One of the ‘Slayers’, Alan Siddons commented: “Looking at the earth from outer space, we see CO2 falls under Kirchoff’s Third Law and that tells us that a low density, cool gas in front of a hotter, continuous spectrum source creates a dark line or absorption spectrum.”

In other words, adds Siddons, CO2 is a cooler body absorbing radiation from the hotter, brighter earth. “This brings us right back to thermodynamics such that a cooler body cannot transfer heat to a warmer body,” says Siddons. Thus, when people tout how “absorptive” CO2 is, they’re actually admitting that it is cold.

For those unfamiliar with PRLOG, it has a gained a reputation over the past two years as a mostly reliable, mostly free promotional tool for online businesses of all sizes. But the most risible aspect of this pro-greenhouse gas theory ‘press release’ is that it uses as its authority a link to a livejournal blog by a ‘Frank Davis.’ However, as we shall see below, all is not what it seems.

Will the ‘Real’ Frank Davis Stand Up?

To the casual skeptic observer ‘Frank Davis’ appears to be none other than the Frank Davis who is Bren School Professor of landscape ecology and conservation planning and Affiliated Geography Faculty member.

Professor Davis is one of the 21 scientists hand picked to be a ‘Google Science Communication Fellow’ – in other words Frank acts as a mouthpiece for Google’s cynical global warming doomsaying activities.

Anyone could be forgiven for thinking Professor Davis was the man behind the PRLOG statement because he is also a whizz at PR being a “Google Science Communication Fellow.”

But looking closer at the provenance of both the actual ‘Frank Davis’ livejournal link found in the press release and the PRLOG press release we can this the real story is far more bizarre and ironic.

Real Frank Davis? None of the Above

Frank Davis: Greenhouse Gas Theory Expert

Firstly, we find that the press release was actually issued by Thomas Prevenslik who is most likely to be Thomas Prevenslik, author of ‘A Unified Theory of Electrification in Natural Processes’ as published in Technical Papers – ESD Journal.Prevenslik is touted as doing “groundbreaking work” about a “kooky smell theory” according to ‘First Nerve’ blog.

Then the story just gets curiouser and curiouser when we dig deeper to pin down which ‘Frank Davis’ the keen nose of Thomas Prevenslik has sniffed out as his best authority for this press release. We find it isn’t Professor Frank Davis, landscape professor from Bren School at all; our apologies to the professor if there persists any such misunderstanding. Instead, it turns out to be a wholly different ‘Frank Davis’, a campaigning “computer programmer” and an activist “Banging on About the Smoking Ban.”

Satellite Data Also Disproves Greenhouse Gas Effect

What’s more our ‘real’ Frank Davis cited in Prevenslik’s press release doesn’t contradict the Slayers at all. In fact our Frank Davis agrees with the Slayers that CO2 doesn’t warm the earth by trapping thermal radiation. Moreover, not only does good old Frank Davis lend his support to the Slayers we see that even the satellite record backs them because all such empirical evidence shows that the radiant heat the earth releases to space is equal to what it gets from the sun – thus no back radiating heat trapping effect!

So the likes of Prevenslik and other GHE religionists are left contradicting themselves by trying to demonstrate so-called radiative equilibrium and drawing spurious diagrams to ‘prove’ that certain gases can double or triple the radiant energy that the sun provides. Yet none of these believers can point to any evidence that such a miracle occurs in nature, nor point to any device which demonstrates how energy multiplication works.

But don’t just take the word of Frank Davis that the Slayers are onto something. Check it out for yourself and see what the dozens of PhD-qualified scientists that endorse the ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon’ actually say. Among them is Dr. Pierre R. Latour (noted for his work on NASA’s Apollo Program), astrophysicist, Joseph E. Postma (of the Canadian and Indian space agencies), Professor Nasif Nahle and many other experts associated with Principia Scientific International.

They tell us the very physics of greenhouse gas theory is wrong, for nothing can amplify radiation from the sun. What the earth radiates to space is equal to what the sun provides, with no sign of trapping at all. Nor can the alternative mechanism of back-radiation be found in nature. If such existed we’d have devices that multiply radiant energy – we don’t – because radiative forcing theory is phoney and always has been.


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2 responses to “Pro-Greenhouse Gas Theory Press Release Goes Up in Smoke

  1. It constantly surprises me that certain people believe that energy scattered and diffused and integrated and dispersed can spontaneously become coherent and useful back on the Earth’s surface from where it was emitted. The GHE contributes 33C to the Earth’s surface temperature? Don’t they realize what a miracle this is…how much useful work it represents? These same people accuse the Sky Dragon Slayers of torturing the beautiful laws of physics. John, if you can explain how seemingly intelligent people can embrace such nonsense…well, nevermind. Human foolishness has no bounds.

  2. Rosco

    Not sure I agree that ALL energy from the Sun is radiated back to space.

    There are considerable quantities bound up in life – biomass. There are significant quantities performing work in the oceans and atmosphere – creating weather for example.

    Clearly the backradiation theory has no evidence.

    Water drives the climate on earth – by evaporating water transports large quantities of energy around the globe.

    Climate scientists ignore so much physics with their ludicrous assertions.

    If GHGs have a substantial radiative effect why doesn’t this show up in the known physical characteristics – eg thermal conductivity. GHGs are better insulators than ordinary air which is saying something – no sign of any radiative heating effect there.

    I now wait for some fool to say – we’re not talking about thermal conduction but radiation – and I’ll ask them how the thermal conductivity is measured but somehow does NOT include radiation effects.

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