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(note:since I first ran this article the story has been featured on ‘Weather Channel’s John Coleman’s KUSI’s TV show:

Over 800 worldwide ground thermometer stations have been dropped unannounced from the official global record in the space of one year despite the ongoing climate controversy. It’s now been revealed that a cull of world ground temperature stations first began by stealth in 1990, just two years after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was formed by the United Nations. The IPCC’s sole task is to prove that human emissions of carbon dioxide are causing global warming (AGW). Sceptic scientists have denounced the mass cull of ‘cold’ stations as a disgrace and a cynical attempt to skew the world temperature records upwards. Over $50 billion has been spent on climate research over the same period. There can be no good financial reason for shutting down any ground thermometer stations with such a vast international climate budget ( paid by world taxpayers). At the end of this article we list the 800+ thermometer stations recently removed from the climatologists’ records.

The IPCC has also been criticised from within for diverting money away from measuring ground temperatures into unreliable computer models. All four of the major IPCC Assessment Reports has given greater prominence to the ‘synthetic’ data from computers rather than measuring ‘real world’ data. MIT professor Richard Lindzen, once a lead author for the IPCC, has been most critical of such a policy over-reliant on computer models.

For the purposes of this article we looked closely at what has been happening to ground weather stations across the United States record first. What we have found is nothing short of scandalous. From a peak of 1,850 thermometer stations in 1968, there now exists a paltry 136 surviving American stations as of December 2009.

What we have also observed is that there is pattern in what kinds of weather stations are closing and it appears most are in rural areas unaffacted by what scientists call the ‘urban heat island’ effect.In other words, the missing stations tended to be giving ‘colder’ temperature readings. Our findings are very much in accord with those of the Moscow-based Institute of Economic Analysis (IEA) that recently reviewed IPCC scientists’ reports. The Russian analysis revealed that UN-funded climatologists had been dumping data for an area larger than 40 per cent of Russia. They also noted that almost all were in ‘cooler’ rural areas. IPCC climate reports had proclaimed that the largest rise in global ground temperatures has been occurring in Russia. But according to the numbers now revised by IEA, that is a proven lie. Russia was especially significant for climatoligists as it’s the world’s largest country and accounts for 12.5 per cent of total landmass.

In compiling this article we have been unable to find any explanation from the United Nations or the US government as to why there has been a need to mothball 1,714 thermometer stations. Sceptic researchers such as Andrew Watts, as WUWT have decried such a tragedy in the richest nation on the planet. Concerned scientists have bemoaned the fact that with global warming being such a hot issue and with billions of dollars invested in climate research, it defies logic to want to have less data when taxpayers are being cajoled by governments of the need to ‘save the planet’ from warming by accepting trillion dollar cap and trade taxes. What’s even more insulting to public intelligence is the woeful inconsistencies shown to exist among those ground stations not yet dumped in the trash can. Watt’s and his investigators have compiled a compelling catalogue of those ground thermometer stations not culled and has discovered that most are wholly unreliable. Watts argues that the data from urban stations is often corrupted by a localized ‘heat island’ – radiant heat that towns and cities are known to withhold on an ever increasing basis as a result of decades of increased urban sprawl.

Steve McIntyre, a well-known scrutineer of the official climate records, has also made numerous discoveries that some say proves fraud by government-funded ‘warmist’ scientists. McIntyre has made it clear he receives no funds from ‘big oil’ but is a retiree working from his garden shed. So successful has Steve been in uncovering such sharp practice that there was an official revision of the US temperature record to show the 1930’s as the warmest decade of the 20th century – not the 1990’s as NASA sought to claim. Since the‘Climategate’ scandal the world has woken up to the possibility that climatologists may not have been wholly honest in their methods. In recent weeks there have been grave concerns that the records for other countries including Australia and New Zealand, have also been unethically skewed to show warmer temperatures than actually existed. see:

Non-IPCC scientists, no longer trusting of the ground temperature records are increasingly turning to other methods of climate measuring such as satellite data and oceanographic calibrations. The Argos project, for example, measures global sea temperatures and has not measure any global temperature increase – only decreases since it was deployed in 2004. The satellite data is also unequivocal; “ Satellite Data Show No Warming Before 1997. Changes Since Not Related to CO2”

It is when we look closely at what the satellites and ocean numbers together that we see an ever- growing anomaly in the ground station trend that the IPCC like to say has been ‘homogenized’ or ‘value-added’ before release to policy makers and the public. Here is how the homogenisation process works
The biggest discrepancy is the ‘warming’ trend shown up in ground temperature stations from 1975–2007. Is anyone getting the full whiff of cattle excrement yet?

Some sceptics point out that since the fallout from the ‘Climategate’ revelations a damage limitation exercise is now taking place to minimise the impact of further such disclosures. Some argue they are trying to avoid a repeat of the controversy over IPCC climatologist, Michael Mann’s temperature ‘‘hockey stick’’ that was featured by Al Gore in his film, “An Inconvenient Truth’ as well as the 2001 IPCC Report. As a result of that controversy Mann’s temperature charts went quietly missing in the 2007 IPCC Report. Mann was made to publish a correction in Nature in 2004 (McIntyre & McKitrick, 2005).
But the fourth IPCC Report still insists that the latter half of the 20th century was the warmest period in the last 1300 years (IPCC, 2007).

The Chairman of the UN’s IPCC is Dr Pachauri. Pachauri is the world’s “top climate official” entrusted with overseeing the administration of climate science. However, in a recent article in London’s ‘Daily Telegraph, Pachauri was criticised for holding more than a score of top positions with banks, universities and other institutions that benefit from the vast worldwide industry now based on measures to halt climate change.

Critics have been arguing that there is a conflict on interest in that the UN serves as both judge (IPCC) and advocate (Kyoto Protocol, Copenhagen) in the climate debate now hotting up. It’s yet another one of those ‘Inconvenient Truths’ that perhaps the time has finally come to rid this debate of sleaze and convene objective, transparent public climate commissions. From my own investigations, I am persuaded that the taxpayers’ confidence will only be restored if we discontinue outsourcing climate science to an apparently corrupt United Nations overly influenced by private donors.

In the meantime, due to government inertia on this issue, some sceptics have been swift to file civil lawsuits to compel courtroom disclosure and transparency over the misuse of taxpayer funds.Thanks to independent researcher such as McIntyre and Watts, the public is latching onto the obvious lack of transparency and bias by so-called climate experts.

Conspiracy theorists have also been quick to assert there exists a hidden agenda not only to line the pockets of rich financiers who stand to gain billions from carbon offset trading, but the global warming fear would also smooth the way for a raft of ‘green’ taxes levied under a new one world government administration. The mainstream media has sought to dampen such concerns and has chosen not to publicize such adverse stories.

LIST OF MISSING TEMPERATURE STATIONS (acknowledgment to ‘chiefio @ )


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Ok, so 2/3 of the US has been covered by snow this winter. Very much the same has been seen across Europe, too. But I, like other climate commentators, keep hammering home the point that weather is not climate. Extreme occurrences of wind, rain, snow, warmth or cold that pass in a week, a month within a season do not, in themselves, prove or disprove climate change. However, climatologists do pay heed to what they term decadal trends, or weather events that persist for periods for up to ten years and beyond. It is by applying the decadal trend test that any sceptic can readily disprove the theory of catastrophic man made climate change.

We do this by taking the decadal data and applying the scientific principle of ‘Disprovability’ to the theory of man made global warming (AGW). For AGW to be a credible scientific theory it must show either (a) that a phenomenon always follows one or more rules, or, (b) it proposes a mechanism for a phenomenon that is reflected in one or more rules that are always followed, or (c) it specifies attributes of a phenomenon that are defined by one or more rules that are always followed.

The disprovability comes into play once the rules of the proposed theory are constructed (i.e. the theory of man made climate change states that increases in human-caused carbon emissions cause catastrophic global warming). Thus if there is no observable catastrophic climate change despite the fact CO2 levels are claimed to have risen 30%, then the theory is busted). A fair test has to be applied so that we can determine whether the theory is true for a particular trial. This means that we need a reliable trial period through which we can gather data to plug into the rule to see whether the rule works or not.

It is simply a principle of logic that the “always” part is disproved by a single exception but not proved by any number of verifications. You can have a theory that does not follow these principles, but if it can’t be tested it’s not a scientific theory by definition (i.e. alarmists cannot be allowed to claim that global warming causes global calling – a ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ logical fallacy as per the Aristotelian method). Fortunately, for all sceptics we don’t need to conduct any further trials to bust the global warming theory under the definition of testability – the theory need only to have in principle an observable condition that would disprove it (e.g. a decadal climatic trend).

Below we illustrate the value of decadal trends in assisting climate scientists to better understand the forces at work in the Earth’s climate. (acknowledgement: )

Decadal Trends
Here we can see what the decadal trends are showing for those data sets collected by MSU channel TLT, MSU/AMSU channel TMT, MSU/AMSU channel TTS, and MSU/AMSU channel TLS. Trend maps are computed over the time period for each channel that contains complete years of valid data. Globally averaged trends computed over latitudes from 82.5S to 82.5N (70S to 82.5N for channel TLT) are shown in the table below, and include data through November, 2009:
Start Time Stop Time # Years Global Trend
Channel TLT 1979 2009-11 30+ 0.153 K/decade
Channel TMT 1979 2009-11 30+ 0.089 K/decade
Channel TTS 1987 2009-11 22+ -0.023 K/decade
Channel TLS 1979 2009-11 30+ -0.325 K/decade
See the monthly, global time series of brightness temperature anomalies for each channel, as well as linear fits to the time series (Figure 7). Anomalies are computed by subtracting the mean monthly value (averaged from 1979 through 1998 for each channel) from the average brightness temperature for each month. What we see is no evidence whatsoever for significant warming, let alone catastrophic runaway warming attributable to man made emissions.

Our knowledge is thereby guided or constrained in the right direction by eliminating all the directions that don’t stand up to a test of their criteria against measured reality. Short-term weather events being misleading, have been taken into account within the context of their hemispheric and decadal position. Thus, it is a fair and logical conclusion to deduce from the observed climatic data that the Earth has shown hemispheric variability but based on the decadal trend, we may determine there is no link between climate and man made co2 emissions. But above all what it busted absolutely, is that no catastrophic climate change has been caused by human emissions of carbon dioxide.

Should this be of any surprise to the core of climate scientists who provided their reports to the UN’s IPCC? No, because not one scientist cited by the IPCC can prove any ‘catastrophic’ climate change so that the word never appears in any of the science reports. The word only shows up in the bluff and bluster of policy makers and self-serving politicians. The British media, once so much in love with the environmental lobbyists of the left, are now starting to wake up to the facts. In one headline the Daily Express headline shouts out about climate ‘FRAUD.’
In the article, climate author and expert, Professor Plimer of Adelaide and Melbourne Universities, said there was a huge momentum behind the climate-change lobby. Suggesting that many scientists are in it for the money, he said: “The climate comrades are trying to keep the gravy train going. Governments are also keen on putting their hands as deep as possible into our pockets.
“The average person has been talked down to. He has been treated like a fool. Yet the average person has common sense.”

John O’Sullivan is a legal advocate and writer who for several years has litigated in government corruption and conspiracy cases in both the US and Britain.

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History shows manmade global warming alarm to be false – but that harmful policies will persist

Here’s an excellent article at that’s well worth a read.
Using a forecasting method that they have developed, Dr. J. Scott Armstrong from the Wharton School and Dr. Kesten C. Green from the International Graduate School of Business at the University of South Australia conclude that alarm over “dangerous manmade global warming” is the latest example of a common social phenomenon involving alarming but unscientific forecasts that prove to be wrong. This is a preliminary finding from the “global warming analogies forecasting project.” The researchers stressed that the findings are preliminary because they are still collecting and coding information on similar situations from the past.

Armstrong and Green used a method known as “structured analogies.” For the global warming analogies forecasting project, the method first involved conducting a wide and objective search for situations similar to the alarm over forecasts of dangerous manmade global warming. For each analogous situation the forecasting procedures used by the alarmists and the actual outcomes of the situations were coded. The structured analogies procedures had previously been shown to provide excellent forecasts compared to those from commonly used alternative procedures.

To date, 71 situations have been proposed and 26 of them were found to meet all criteria of similarity. Of the latter, none were based on forecasts from scientific procedures. Instead they were based on dramatic speculation of one sort or another.

Typically, the alarmists recommend government action, and governments usually respond. They did so in 25 of the 26 analogous situations, and government took action in 23.

We asked: How many of the 26 analogous alarming forecasts were accurate?

The answer is “none”.

In how many of the 23 analogies were the government solutions shown to be helpful?

None. In fact, in 20 situations there was substantial long-term harm from the government solutions.

The authors are hopeful that the continuing evidence on the anti-scientific procedures used by people involved in the manmade global warming alarmist movement, such as has been exposed by ClimateGate, will help to reduce the damage from the alarm in the long run. However, the analogies offered little hope on that score. Most of the previous alarms, such as over DDT and electromagnetic fields, continued to cause substantial harm many years after they had been shown to be false.

Julian Simon and others had suggested that such a pattern exists for forecasts of doom, but we were surprised at the strength of our findings. In retrospect, the findings seem less surprising. Extreme events are difficult to forecast, especially in complex and uncertain situations. So the application of unscientific forecasting procedures supported by politics would be unlikely to produce useful forecasts.

The authors stress that this is an early progress report. They hope to stimulate global warming alarmists to propse analogies that support their forecasts. They also suggest that all important public policy forecasts would benefit by using the structured analogies method.

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Busting The Bilderbergs

Chapter One of the History of the Twenty-first century will tell us that it was the Bilderberg’s secret club that laid the foundations to the great scam of the age while the oliticians trained their scientists with grant funds the way Pavlov trained dogs with dog biscuits.

Ben Santer, was the Bilderberg’s inside man. He re-wrote the 1995 United Nations climate report. The story starts with him. Santer and another crook, Maurice Strong milked the UN for their own benefit. (Strong was implicated in a cash payment with South Korean businessman, Tongsun Park, who in 2006 was convicted in New York federal court of conspiring to bribe U.N. officials to rig Oil-for-Food). Mr. Strong was thus the right calibre of man for David Rockefeller who groomed him to serve as Director of the Rockefeller Foundation, is also a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Club of Rome. Santer and Strong typify the kinds of character who would drive the whole scam to Rockefeller’s tune.

Lord Monckton has done a superb job is tracing the tracks of these climate conspirators. Their names even appear in the climategate emails. Santer is the dodgy magician who ‘abolished’ the Medieval Warm Period by trickery- just scratched it out with his pen. In 2001 good old Ben then clandestinely erased all other bits of the past he didnt like from the previous United Nations IPCC climate report given to world leaders.

Santer’s task was simple: make historic temperature record look cooler so that today’s global temperatures appear warmer. It was in the 2007 IPCC report that the grandest of bogus graphs appeared to accelerate the new warming effect that the peoples of the world must believe occurred late in 20th century. The ‘hockey stick’ graph then became the new iconic flag of totalitarian ideology. The eco-fascists fly as proudly as Hitler did his swastika.

His noble Lord, the Viscount Monckton, rose to the challenge gloriously. His only weapon being the clarion call for truth and transparency. For Monckton was up against a most sophisticated and convoluted web of scientific sophistry that we generally call the theory of man made global warming or Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). The AGW theory is no more than a codicil to a once forgotten theory rather than any pillar of observable science. For it is has been shown that beyond the basic flask of a laboratory experiment no one has ever been able to detect in nature a signal that proves carbon dioxide (CO2) is anything other than an innocent trace gas which has been even more abundant for 98% of the planet’s lifetime. Such a miniscule increase of CO2 from a tiny 0.03% to an equally tiny 0.04% would, over just a speck of geological time (1975-1998), otherwise never be of concern to science. Yet this was the point at which the backroom fudging of a small cadre of selected climatologists turned triviality into trauma.

To the lateral thinking of most sceptical minds there is nothing here that would likely plunge the Earth into extreme climatic meltdown. Indeed, nowhere in the Earth’s 4.5 billion year old geological record is there evidence that a miniscule trace gas has ever caused such harm to this durable planet. But the Big Lie kept being told.

One of the great ironies future generations may recall when they look back on these dark days will be the hypocrisy of western leaders in Copenhagen on the issue of transparency. Those worshippers of Gaia demanded openness from all unbelieving developing nations so that Gaian white-coated alchemists could go into those countries to verify the data and ensure compliance to cut CO2 emissions. Yet as McKitrick and McIntyre were to find, the white-coated alchemists hid a tangled web of numbers behind evil graphs without any such ‘transparency’ and openness. So it was to be that transparency was to be a one-way street to be operated in the favour of the proponents of the new world order.

But time and again the eco-fascists tweaked the noses of money-made media monkeys to ply the line that the ‘science was settled’ and that there was ‘consensus’ that the data homogenisers were good and noble men and women numbering in their thousands. Dissent could not be condoned, reports Monckton. Denialists must be scorned. Like the Jews in Hitler’s Germany they must wear the badge of condemnation. The peoples of Gaia shall let them be known as ‘flat-earthers’ and thus it came to pass. The flat earthers were the Kool-Aid drinkers who were paraded on TV and forced to wear tin foil hats as crowds of believers mocked and spat at them. “No matter anymore about science”, as the guru of the greens and great prophet, Al Gore had said. The world’s media had moved on. Investigative journalism became a forgotten art as liberals and communists walked happily to the clarion call the eco-fascist elite.

All across Europe, where the converted hordes grew fastest the schools began to teach the children to speak with one voice: Gaia. As with the Hitler Youth Movement, the young must be taught never to ponder an unclean thought, never to step out into the light. No, the duty of the masses is quiescence and docility because we are all guilty for irreparably harming the great god. And to make the light burn less brightly the lamps of the world were taken away from the people and replaced with much dimmer compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) thereby dissuading the little children from reading books.

Because good Gaians speak as good Germans of the Nazi party once spoke, if you preach a lie often enough it becomes true. The belief in this hubris almost cost Al Gore dear. Gore being a man predisposed to much vanity and seduced by the success of his role as global green guru, in an unguarded moment before the Copenhagen Summit let is slip that he knew mankind’s output of CO2 could not have caused the majority of any warming before 2001. Gore had gaffed and was quickly made contrite. In a Newsweek interview he conceded that he could better serve his ecological church by employing more spiritual overtones. “Simply laying out the facts won’t work,” he said.

‘Guru’ Gore, being unable to logically and sensibly separate truth from fiction, was switched to tasks less embarrassing to David Rockefeller. Gore conceded to Newsweek thus,

“I’ve done a Christian [-based] training program; I have a Muslim training program and a Jewish training program coming up, also a Hindu program coming up. I trained 200 Christian ministers and lay leaders here in Nashville in a version of the slide show that is filled with scriptural references. It’s probably my favorite version, but I don’t use it very often because it can come off as proselytizing,”

David Rockefeller needed better minds than Albert Gore to accomplish his grand scheme:

“For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” [“Memoirs” David Rockefeller; 2002, page 405,].

Little did the American people know that the plot had been meticulously played with great patience and cunning over many years. Up and coming Senator Obama had his hands in the same pockets as Al Gore. Thirty pieces of silver usually did the trick and anyone who is anyone has got to be on the payroll. Ambitious Obama had his finger in the Carbon Program Pie. He has been promised his great fortune for doing the bidding of that secret cadre once a world government treaty was signed. When did Obama sign up to this treason? It happened while he sat on the board of a Chicago-based charity. There Barack helped fund a carbon trading exchange that will likely play a critical role in the cap-and-trade carbon reduction program he is now trying to push through Congress as president. The Rockefeller/Rothschild conspirators painted this stealth bomb as a charity – charities being their usual camouflage of choice to disguise their machinations.

The Joyce Foundation on whose board of directors Obama served and which gave nearly $1.1 million to launch the privately-owned Chicago Climate Exchange, is the rich elite’s control centre all newly prepared as Global Central – exclusively for the gatekeepers of carbon trading round the world.

Meanwhile back in Copenhagen Lord Monckton had upped the ante since the Climategate scandal first broke. Along with his clipped tones, the aristocratic Monckton showed he also has the teeth of a true British Bulldog. Pursuing his Chicken Little enemies that pompously strut the world stage Monckton’s bark soon sends those flightless birds fleeing for cover. He may be one man against an army but Monckton won’t back down as he employs all his polished skills to expose fraud. The TV cameras of the mainstream media will never film him because the censors won’t approve of it. The only place you’ll see the valiant viscount strut his stuff is on the Gaia uncensored YouTube. There freethinking souls of the Internet watch fascinated as they see how vacuous the minds of the converted have become – zombified the greens chant their mantra to ‘save the planet.’

The world’s elite considers these compliant trolls as serf pawns, says Monckton. They are the just one small step up from the ‘useless eaters’ of the developing nations who sit at the bottom of the food chain. While at the top of this new social pyramid reside the favoured few who in the fullness of time will look down on the rest of us as their just rewards. Down in these depths the once proud middle-classes of the world will be humbled under the weight of ever-increasing climate taxes. They will morph into thin shadows of their former selves as they pick over the crumbs sprinkled down from the top tables.

No use you US congressmen and senators complaining, our noble English lord doth warn. The game was rigged the moment you allowed the president to take up his new ‘extraordinary powers’ whenever he may need. No less than the Wall Street Journal (November 1st 2009) suddenly twigged that what Monckton had been warning of was about to take place: one world government, if the US signed up to the proposed treaty of Copenhagen. The Wall Street Journal said that such a treaty “should raise the ire of free and democratic countries concerned about preserving their sovereignty.”

The wake up call has come and not a moment too soon. A backlash against the lies and propaganda began in earnest after November 19th 2009 as the blogosphere reeled at those shocking emails that exposed the Big Lie spread by the foot soldiers of the political elite. Those willing mercenaries were the climate scientists who sold out on truth for a promise of share of the Rockefeller/Rothschild sham utopia. Hitler’s Great Lie strategy has been ably imitated in the new Great Lie of man-made climate change. The jack-booted communist eco-warriors must be now defeated before the shackles of dystopia are slapped upon us all.

Monckton remains unbowed. He pleads eloquently to the people of the United States in his YouTube videos. America, for the moment, remains the final bastion of constitutional rights for individuals above the apparatus of statehood. The rest of us non-Americans who yearn for the return of our democratic rights, urge the thinking minds of the United States to rise up and defend their hard-won freedoms and resist the juggernaut march of the greens (the new reds).

Be warned, America. Copenhagen is coming for you, is Monckton’s cry. Those who must be obeyed will not countenance failure or the contrariness of any American legislatorial veto. The veto given to the People by the Constitution has already been neutered most cleverly by the deft touch of applying the “precautionary principle” to impose federal regulations, thus bypassing Congress. A stalking horse of the most unexpected kind had been sent out ahead long before the trap was set. Slick oratory filled the airwaves to assuage the doubters within the world’s last great superpower. The first black American president had been ushered in like a breath of fresh air, so said the compliant press pack. It was almost as if the mere colour of his skin would appease those suspicions that the old cohort of connivers were no longer in play. But their game is set and the plotters’ fuse is lit at Copenhagen. Just as Marcellus had said in Shakespeare’s Hamlet,“something is rotten in the State of Denmark.” There you have your 16th century forewarning. Nostradamus could have called it no better. Remember as Marcellus those themes in that classic tragedy: beware treachery and corruption. So is there still anyone out there who wants to be governed by cheats and thieves?

To see a YouTube video segment of Lord Monckton’s address go to:

John O’Sullivan is a legal advocate and writer who for several years has litigated against government corruption and conspiracy cases in both the US and Britain.
See blogs and businesses for USA

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It’s The Bilderbergers, Stupid!

It’s worth making the point that there are a good many North American lobbyists and ’scientists’ who are seen to be connected by either the leaked cru climategate’ emails, back to Ben Santer, a Rockefeller stooge. As Lord Monckton points out, Santer and Maurice Strong have crossed the grey area of the law in their activities while being linked with the UN. So many of these people are linked to the Bilderberg Club.

Chapter One of the History of the Twenty-first century will tell us that it was the Bilderberg’s secret club that laid the foundations to the great scam of the age.

Ben Santer, was the Bilderberg’s inside man. He re-wrote the 1995 United Nations climate report. The story starts with him. Santer and another crook, Maurice Strong milked the UN for their own benefit. (Strong was implicated in a cash payment with South Korean businessman, Tongsun Park, who in 2006 was convicted in New York federal court of conspiring to bribe U.N. officials to rig Oil-for-Food). Mr. Strong was thus the right calibre of man for David Rockefeller who groomed him to serve as Director of the Rockefeller Foundation, is also a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Club of Rome. Santer and Strong typify the kinds of character who would drive the whole scam to Rockefeller’s tune.

Lord Monckton has done a superb job is tracing the tracks of these climate conspirators. Their names even appear in the climategate emails. Santer is the dodgy magician who ‘abolished’ the Medieval Warm Period by trickery- just scratched it out with his pen. In 2001 good old Ben then clandestinely erased all other bits of the past he didnt like from the previous United Nations IPCC climate report given to world leaders.

Santer’s task was simple: make historic temperature record look cooler so that today’s global temperatures appear warmer. It was in the 2007 IPCC report that the grandest of bogus graphs appeared to accelerate the new warming effect that the peoples of the world must believe occurred late in 20th century. The ‘hockey stick’ graph then became the new iconic flag of totalitarian ideology. The eco-fascists fly as proudly as Hitler did his swastika.

Watch this video and realise who it is who is trying to take away your freedom:

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Henrik Svensmark: ‘The Cloud Mystery’

Henrik Svensmark: ‘The Cloud Mystery’

Although Denmark’s top climate scientist, Henrik Svensmark was only a Greenpeace activist’s stone’s throw away from the Climate Summit, he was never invited to address the conference. This world-renowned physicist who works at the National Space Center in Copenhagen, is strictly personna non grata to advocates of the theory of man made global warming. This may seem odd because Svensmark is to cloud science as Albert Einstein was to the Theory of Relativity.

The Copenhagen Summit dust has settled, but none too well for certain international leaders who made fools of themselves. The biggest western politicos had their great green socialist treaty blown away as brutally as the cold wind cleansed the streets of soviet flag waving climate activists. History will one day tell us that this was the moment Professor Svensmark unexpectedly came to the fore. Svensmark is a man with an astonishing theory about the role of clouds in the climate system. It now seems that republicans are looking most interested at this new weapon to finally rout socialist climatologists, an unscientific force, little more than ideological mercenaries who hijacked science and fudged and flummoxed the world in the service of their shabby UN funded paymasters

So what is this audacious new theory? Well, it isn’t so new. Svensmark had proposed his theory as early as 1991 but back then no one was looking at anything other than carbon dioxide (CO2) as a trigger for climate change. This was largely due to the United Nations having set up the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) whose task was to build a case for blaming CO2 as the bad guy for a warm blip that lasted no more than a couple of decades at the end of the 20th Century. In essence, this Danish professor has determined that there exists a mechanism in the sky that operates in the same way as the iris in our eyes to moderate our climate so that unwanted positive feedback from greenhouse gases do not cause a runaway heating effect. Svensmark believes the iris of the sky opens and closes like the membrane of a human eye in reaction to the amount of energy, or light entering it (or the Earth). To Svensmark the planet’s ‘iris’ controls the amount of light (energy) reaching the ‘retina’ (ground) by a mechanism that operates within the clouds. Cloud formations wax and wane like the muscles that cling to the iris in direct measure to the light entering the atmosphere. The clouds thus expand or contract very much like the aperture at the eye’s centre when the ‘pupil’ of the Earth is touched by the light (energy from the sun). The larger the pupil (more blue sky) the more light enters and falls upon the Earth. ‘The Cloud Mystery,’ a documentary explaining in excellent detail Svensmark’s work, first aired on TV2 (Denmark) in early 2008. An unauthorized copy of the documentary then found its way onto YouTube where it has become essential viewing as a primer for debate. In the film Svensmark explains in concise and easy to comprehend terms just how neatly there is a correlation between cosmic ray flux and ocean temperature over the last 40-50 years. Finding correlation between the actual temperature record and their warmist theories is what has undone the UN’s climatologists in the past decade when there has been no further warming despite their predictions.

When theories do fit the observed facts as neatly as the Danish professor’s they are not just astonishing, to scientists they are ‘beautiful.’ Svensmark, in the wake of Climategate, will surely turn the old orthodoxies on their head- as long as he gets a fair hearing. The leaked Climategate emails prove that sceptics like Svensmark have been singled out to be ostracized from the scientific peer-reviewed process so that their ideas are never widely considered. But times are changing. In 2010 the label of ‘denier’ will be switched from this year’s ‘flat-earthers’ (the sceptics) to the religionists who cling to the floundering theory of man made global warming. Just contrast and compare Svensmark’s theory to that of the forces of darkness who huddle in shady corners counting tree rings. Since the Great Scandal broke in November 2009, the world has discovered Michael Mann’s and Keith Briffa’s tree ring data is useless. The proxy data used to fill the gaps where thermometer measurements are not available has been fiddled, cherry-picked and ‘fudged’ to ‘hide the decline.’ By contrast, what Svensmark’s film, ‘The Cloud Mystery’ shows is that the cosmic ray flux that is measured entering our atmosphere precisely tracks the ocean temperature record ( thankfully ‘unfudged’ by the snake oil salesmen).

Like the rest of us Professor Svensmark has been a bystander for too long while a self-serving band of ideologists re-wrote science and history to their own ends. The political establishment went crazy for junk science and used it as a propaganda weapon to win the hearts and minds of tree-huggers and unthinkers in what became known as ‘climate wars.’ But unlike past military conflagrations these very modern wars are fought by elite and highly-specialized forces. The spoils of victory were unimaginable – if the socialists were to win they would have their green light to one world communist government. The task of freedom lovers, nationalists and anti-bureacrats is simple: we must defeat this tyranny for democracy to survive, its as simple as that. In this great war of the new millenium the outcome will be decided not by who has the best tanks, planes or missiles. Slaughtering and killing by well-armed troops slogging across a corpse-strewn battlefield is so Twentieth Century. No, in this tumultuous new age the special forces sent out into epic campaigns are not soldiers, but squads of scientists who manouvre on a virtual battlefield in the blogosphere. The eventual victors will not have shed blood but will have conquered the most hearts and minds.

As the science historian Spencer R. Weart, commented in the Washington Post, this is “a symptom of something entirely new in the history of science.” Before the Danish summit, the ‘watermelons’ ( green on the outside, but very red on the inside) had expected the 193 nations assembling to grasp the nettle and sign a treaty to bring about one world socialist government. In the event no one dared get their hands stung in the wake of Climategate. Thereby the David Rockefeller masterplan for a new world order unravelled quicker than a whistleblower could leak 60MB of data into the blogosphere. At least, the Plan is in haitus for the moment anyway.

All opposing forces will need to re-group and re-strategize after the Battle of Copenhagen. The money-machine that funds the Gaia-loving brigade is gargantuan and a formidable foe and won’t quit so easily. The rich elite have sought this power grab for too long to let the dream wither and die in the cold of Copenhagen. Very big heads will certainly roll for botching that scandanavian venture. Freedom-loving peoples of the world are now being put on full alert to join forces and prepare to repel the next barrage from United Nations power grabbers. But the casualties are mounting. Key losses for the greens since Climategate are Phil Jones of CRU and Michael Mann of Penn State University, perhaps even James Hansen of NASA.These men of great scientific influence are vanquished and no longer credible opponents.They will have to be replaced while they are mired for years in the swamp of litigation and ridicule. But the men who plot in the war room of the Bilderberg Group must not be underestimated. They still ply their best strategic weapon – the mainstream media. But as the world is now realising, the Internet has truly come of age as a force for political change. Tens of millions of hits by bloggers attest to the fact that free-speech and the exchange of ideas are alive and well among users of the World Wide Web. Unless, or until, the political elite shut down or censor the Internet, the world has a resource it can trust.These are essential qualities now gone from the self-serving mainstream media who let objective journalism wither away when they bought into the liberalist agenda.

Much more investment is needed in this area of research rather than being squandered in trying to prop up the discredited man made greenhouse gas theory. The world needs such brilliant scientists like Svensmark now more than ever. We need scientists who will shine the light of reason into the unthinking darkness of green indoctrination. His ideas, although profound, overlap the ideas of other great scientists. Along with Svensmark there are others with great minds. There are those like Richard Lindzen, for example, the famous American atmospheric physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lindzen ostensibly agrees with Svensmark that the Earth may act like an infrared iris that can cause increased sea surface temperature. Lindzen says we should be able to detect this in the tropics where we should see reduced cirrus clouds and thus more infrared radiation leakage from the Earth’s atmosphere.

New to the fight is another scientist unbowed by the trials of the skewed peer-reviewed journals. This fresh innovative mind to join the debate is Qing-Bin Lu, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Waterloo, Ontario. Professor Lu also agrees that carbon dioxide is innocent of all crimes. Lu has found evidence that shows that CFC emissions – compounds once widely used as refrigerants combine with cosmic rays and have a considerable impact on climate change. This is another crucial scientific breakthrough that must be explored before the world even contemplates another summit to contemplate the reckless folly of abandoning capitalism.

Lord Monckton, that famed sceptic and former top scientific adviser to the British government, has been swift to raise these important issues in a briefing with US Republican delegates he met with at Copenhagen. We can only hope that more conservative minds awake to this sea change of theories within the scientific community. It takes scientists to expose other scientists who support the nonsense President Obama has fallen for. It is nothing short of absurd for federal authorities to label carbon dioxide, a benign trace gas and the essential food of plants, as a pollutant when Nature says the opposite. The republican movement must grasp this new nettle and apply common sense reasoning to see what’s required to move world economies out of recession. Pointless green taxes and one world government are the antithesis of what is needed by democratic nations. Neither the United States, nor any forward-looking country needs cap and trade according to Svensmark, Lindzen, Lu and Monckton.

But above all, we must remind ourselves that the science of climatology is still in its infancy. As yet no university even issues first degrees in this field. Clowns like Al Gore (Gaian high priest) will carry on being the frontmen to a mainstream audience. He will come on and do his little party piece, wipe the odd crocodile tear from his lizard eyes and pronounce the earth has a terrible “fever.” The unthinkers in TV land will nod wistfully and with much handwringing mourn with Al at mother Gaia’s suffering. Like all doomsayers Gore picks the limelight over the light of truth and reason. All the while the easily converted are either too busy praying with Al or handing over their wallets to contemplate the burning questions. Questions such as what is mother Earth’s optimum – non-fever temperature? Do we truly need to give up our freedoms and return to the Stone Age? The unthinkers stare at their television screens while the inquistive minds look for the answers on their search engines.

Meanwhile Svensmark offers thinkers real science. His is a truth that must be heard. The time is nigh to find out the truth, throw out the scammers and preserve our way of life. There is not one jot of evidence that proves we need to sell our constitutional rights cheaply to faceless international bureacrats.

Reference: YouTube: ‘The Cloud Mystery’

John O’Sullivan is a legal advocate and writer who for several years has litigated against government corruption in conspiracy cases in both the US and Britain.

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They say grand conspiracy theories are for nut-jobs who’ve been hard at the Kool-Aid. Your average grand conspiracy believer is stereotyped as American, bigoted, right wing and racist, very likely to be a creationist chain smoker that hangs out with Billy Bob in the back of the poolroom of Hank’s bar opposite the trailer park.

As a Brit who has lived in the United States I know full well the type. It is for that reason that it might seem even more incredible that a middle-aged, middle-class man like me, a former high-school teacher and father of two should appear to align himself with the Kool-Aid Klan. But I do assure you, there are a growing number of educated and enlightened men (for it mostly seems to be men) who have suddenly woken up to the astonishing possibility that the world is going to hell in a communist handcart and that hell is looming under the sway of a great green devil.

On November 20th 2009 a made frenzy of Internet traffic caused the greatest stir to be felt among the global community of blogosphere readers. The cause of the frenzy was an epoch-making revelation that the widely accepted theory that mankind was poisoning the planet with warming carbon dioxide emissions was probably faked. After twenty years of converting the people’s of the world into tree-hugging environmentalists this evangelical crusade. The high priests of this proselytising religion were a small band of hockey playing climatologists who shared a penchant for a particular flavour of United Nations fudge.

The fudge was so coveted it could only be consumed secretly among the initiated believers of this closed sect. Because of the rapid success of the high priests in converting eminent politicians and world leaders into worshipping their chosen god, Gaia, hubris had made them careless. And as we all know, pride comes before a fall.

Furthermore, when grand conspiracy ideologies themselves have been mainstream in various times and places (e.g. Nazi Germany), or when they’ve attained indirect mainstream influence (e.g. the “Satanic Ritual Abuse” scare of the 1980’s and early 1990’s), they’ve had extremely harmful consequences.

Thus a grand battle ensues. The fudge eaters versus the Kool-Aid drinkers. Not your run-of-the mill saturday night TV wrestling spectacle. No, sir! This bout is to the death and its a feast for the gods to behold – the purest ambrosia and nectar for a right rumble in the jungle. In the green corner the chairman of the IPCC, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri. In the blue corner is that learned sceptic number cruncher, Lord Monckton, the former advisor to the British government.

In the pre-fight face-off the baying crowd in the packed auditorium witnessed the svelte and nimble fox, Pachauri dominate the floor. The entire crowd was in his thrall as he hand-waved Kung Fu style at an imperious display of charts and graphs. Monckton scowelled silently in his chair champing at the bit. He irked those sat beside him as he could barely contain his rage. His thoughts now broadcast aloud, first in a whisper then spat venomously at his taunting foe:

“Bogus! Can you not See? The graph is bogus….made-up data….overlain by four separate trend-lines…..start-date carefully selected…..false impression that the rate of warming over the past 150 years… you’ve obscured and rescaled the trend lines…all bogus….. fakery, I say, fakery!”

The contest is set to resume in a court room to be announced. To the victor: title of heavy-weight intellect of the world and substantial cash prize. To the vanquished:5-20 years in a federal penitentiary. The stakes don’t get any higher than this, folks!

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